Interviewing the Forsaken World Developers! We want your questions!

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Today I come to you with some very intriguing and interesting news! We have been given a golden opportunity to sit down with the developers of Forsaken World and ask them a few questions!

Since I got here, I've been working as hard as I can to bring everyone together and rally behind the game we all love so dearly! I thought, what better way to do this than get everyone involved? I know I have a lot of questions, but most of you have been around a lot longer than I have. I KNOW that you have a few questions of your own, so I want to give everyone the chance to chime in.

Here's how this is going to work:

- In this thread, leave your in-game name, your server, and your question(s).
- In approximately 2 weeks, we're going to close this thread and go over the questions you have.
- From this list of questions we will be picking a few of them and your questions will be featured in our interview.

Please note that the following types of questions will be disregarded:

- Questions about bugs and/or exploits.
- Questions about server specific issues and/or Events.
- Questions regarding ETA's on patches or content releases.

This is an open forum and a once in a lifetime opportunity to get inside the heads of Forsaken World's developers! What makes them tick? What motivates them to do what they do? What does Henry do with all the stuff you give him?

Once we've chosen all the questions, stay tuned to the Game News section to see your featured question get answered! Take your time on this, and let's see what you want to know!

- Domino

This thread will be monitered. Any off topic posts will be removed.
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  • infamous628
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    Mr_InFamous, Lionheart.

    Why is the US/EU version of Forsaken World behind China and Japan as far as content and patches?
    Will the lv78 Gold accessories become fortifiable/should it be?

    If it's only one question per person just choose whichever one is suitable/appropriate.
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  • PoPxTart - Lionheart
    PoPxTart - Lionheart Posts: 637 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Will there ever be a chance of getting an item to unbind mounts and fashion or did you ever talk about the ida developing one? my collection is huuuuuuge and i would prolly like to re-sell some or give to alts xD


    Whos behind all thoose nuts tavern quests? O_O Who are thoose crazy people thinking of all those stories? xD


    Will Henry be the one whos gonna rescue Freedom Harbor from its demise with every fish, beverage and Metal Chains we gave him all these years? D:

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  • legendpve
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    Storm Server

    When I started playing FW, this was my first MMO or online game.
    As such, I made a few mistakes starting that I cannot really undo. Some others may be in the same boat.

    One such thing is that I geared and gem-ed 2 toons on same account (lv3 wings and lv2 wings now). I understand that multi clienting is allowed in FW so can you ask the devs if account change or if moving toons to a different account will ever be possible?

    Similarly, maybe server change? :o I started in a Pve server to be "safe" but have grown to love Pvp more than anything.

    Thanks Dom!
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  • Isock - Eyrda
    Isock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
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    eyrda server

    what is the tought on class balances? since some classes have horrible cast times and now whit the demons is getting more and more imbalance on skills whit 2 secs+ cast times

    why is marksman armor considered "light"? i can understand it on female dwarfs, but male looks as heavy as a warrior or prot

    are the other ingame continents going to be unlocked eventually? since lore wise there are more than oeste and where the elfs are from
  • Vyden - Illyfue
    Vyden - Illyfue Posts: 199 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    When will non csers be able to use real gold for anima trainning so we can get over 1500 points and can you change the requestment of lvl 3 purchaser reward for Scroll of Recall?
  • ILikeBigGu - Illyfue
    ILikeBigGu - Illyfue Posts: 1,066 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Do you have plans on extending level cap to 100 or above?
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  • VelvetStrike - Illyfue
    VelvetStrike - Illyfue Posts: 1,126 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    VelvetStrike - Illyfue

    Are there ever going to be lv6 gems and/or lv5 wings?

    Seems like usefull information, knowing if we have to save our gems after we have lv4 wingies..
  • DivineSpirits - Storm Legion
    DivineSpirits - Storm Legion Posts: 122 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Please note that the following types of questions will be disregarded:

    - Questions about bugs and/or exploits.

    - Domino

    SirFanion/Storm Server

    My only questions are regarding bugs/exploits as those are things that potentially affect the game the most. I love this game for what it is...I just want it to work properly (i.e. as close to CN as possible, but translated into English).

    Why are bug/exploit questions off limits, considering that's what players care about the most?

    EDIT: I know it may be redundant but I would also ask the same two questions as posters above me
    -Will there be 100 cap?
    -Will there be level 6 gems/level 5 wings?
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  • Xpewx - Eyrda
    Xpewx - Eyrda Posts: 414 Arc User
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    xpewx, eydra server

    i have so many questions that i feel alot of players have even after disregarding explit and event questions

    1.) why are sins SO favoritized? i.e they get insane cc and bonus dmg on everything and continue to get more each patch while no one gets more ways to counter it?

    2.) why are some classes so lacking in a fair balance? i.e cc breaks on multiple classes such as mage and priest having little to no real cc break, i as a mage get 1 cc braeak and it has a 5 minute coold down and leaves me completely useless while in use while a war has 3 just in stance changing plus some others....seems like it should be looked into imo

    3.) can we finally have the equation officially from a dev on how dmg is calculated? we have a good idea but we dont honestly know if elemental atk is as valuable as mastery or normal atk or at what point they are the same etc.

    4.) is the evasion downfall intentional or was it just overlooked? on champ gear u get a 16 acc base AND have the potential for bugged acc ids while eva is not a base on any of the top end gear at this point AND is insanely more difficult to get, its insanely easy to get quad acc yet by comparison its basicly impossible to repeatedly get triple eva....and te ratio is broken on top of that? reason?

    5.) how come some DoT/curses/bleeds are effected differently by wrath while others are not? as a fire mage by burn is insanely important to me in terms of killing any kind of quickly yet i have to get max wrath before it does any kind of dmg, while a vamp gets to walk in with no wrath and use feast for full dmg...

    i have many more but ive already got a good wall of text going on here so ill leave it to these for now
  • drakenfyre
    drakenfyre Posts: 2,614 Community Moderator
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    can we pleas leave this for questions only? If you want to continue the conversation I'd be more than happy to split them to a different thread.
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  • nargyalt
    nargyalt Posts: 3 Arc User
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    1) Will other mage classes (fire, wind) get class upgrades besides frost mages? It seems that at every content upgrade, only frost mages get boosted and other mages (especially fire) get virtually nothing. There's a reason why you rarely see fire mages and that is because it's a glass cannon in pvp and have virtually no cc so it's mostly used by pve-only players. ONE skill with 3s cast and 30s cd is not what I would call a good cc skill...

    2) Will events times ever be adjusted so that players from other time zones can participate fully? The 2hr time shift was bad as it is, and now combined with favouring the 12pm to 12am times for most events, it just lock out a portion of the playerbase from ever being able to participate in those events. Except MAYBE during the weekends where they try to squeeze in as much as possible in basically in a few hours. eg. only 1 invasion time per week is suitable for me! If I'm busy for whatever reason, then no invasions for me that week. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    3) Will there ever be a way to expand fashion bag space for low- to non- csers? I really would like to keep all my fashion, rather than trash for new fashion :'(

    4) Will the rift map ever be reset?

    5) Will blue (ie. crafted) accessories ever be upgradable?
  • LaoLao - Illyfue
    LaoLao - Illyfue Posts: 248 Arc User
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    LaoLao, Illyfue server.

    1) Will be more races coming and/or new "jobs" for the currently races? (like Sins for Demons for example)

    2) Will be all fashion available for all races and will be all "dye-able"? (that include to mounts and air-mounts)

    3) The Graphics engine will be "rebuild" in the future for make more modern? (it's outdated in comparation with mostly currently games)

    4) Which new instances are working around for be added? (and which will be the "target" of them?)

    (reserved rights for add more before time-end)
    (Some times just a witch, no a simple mage of ice age)
  • AeonRuin - Lionheart
    AeonRuin - Lionheart Posts: 175 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    What was the inspiration to the amazing design of the purple pets?
    Have you thought about making gear dye-able or making dye purchasable from an npc with every colour?
  • Dudettte - Illyfue
    Dudettte - Illyfue Posts: 104 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    1) Now the money flow has been opened with the new orbs, will the pwe staff be expanded to drasticly decrease the lag on new updates?

    2) Will blue jewelery become able to be fortified? and when?

    3) Will jobs like armor/weapon crafter be competing with top tier gears?

    4) When will arena season 5 be there? i want a new arena season to dream about!
  • heinesen
    heinesen Posts: 209 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Miriama Storm Legion

    Are there eni plans for a account stash ?
  • whalesrekt
    whalesrekt Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    DemonMaster - Storm Server

    1.- Why are the new demon class so underpowered?? any plans on buffing it??
  • Endless_XI - Storm Legion
    Endless_XI - Storm Legion Posts: 160 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    GoDieNow- Storm server

    why is the EU/US version charged more in the CS, but we get less content overall?
  • strudykisses
    strudykisses Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    I have a few questions
    1: Why we can't get recall name scroll other server can?
    2:Why Demon an lycan can't wear all fashions?
    3Why buy wedding pack went notthing to gain as bonus rewards as a couple?
  • amarantos
    amarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    drakenfyre wrote: »
    can we pleas leave this for questions only? If you want to continue the conversation I'd be more than happy to split them to a different thread.

    tbh i think pwe would take silly easy questions that already have answers to them over hard ones just because. its better if ppl can get answers elsewhere so things no one here can answer get looked at.

    as for questions tho!

    Amantine, eryda server.

    who created the autoroute paths in game? because some of them are really stupid and get your char stuck on things and really need to be corrected.

    why does cn take such a long time to communicate with pwe on important issues? why do fixes take so long to get created, sent to us, and implemented? why do so many things get broken in translation between CN and our version?
  • frince
    frince Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Lionheart Server

    Is there a plan to put the Fashion Bag Extension Stone?
  • hits4hire
    hits4hire Posts: 183 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Are there any plans on incorporating new open-world pets to tame? as of right now, tamer job has become very lackluster and there isn't much gold to be made from it. for the time invested to max the tamer job, the return on investment just isn't there.

    *edit- just disregard my post. all the questions worth asking can't even be asked.
  • Shakaya - Shylia
    Shakaya - Shylia Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Do quests marriage and wedding item will be used to something else? Or adding item/pet/stuff to? New title? For alot people are at + 2k or 3k points happy

    He will be the purple stuff elementary 85 upgradable? 90 purple for the best set bonus and ect? Given that the S4 arena completely spend bonus

    Will there be new event from Monday to Friday? Car Port freedom deleted and bcp cards, 20h a 10:30 p.m. and whether a little taste?
  • Ayumichan - Storm Legion
    Ayumichan - Storm Legion Posts: 364 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Ayumichan- Storm Legion

    -Are there any future plans about making 85+ instances which are not raid? Because recently most of the contents are based on raid system. For our playerbase its not really beneficial.

    -Plans for weapon/armor skins, customizeable colors at least?
  • edira
    edira Posts: 479 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    - Questions about server specific issues and/or Events.
    I assume that means server specific to one of OUR servers (EU/NA) and not like in general all of FW servers including CN....

    Diramaka - Dyos

    1. Are there any plans to implement the missing events that give achievements or alternatively rework the achievements for EU/NA client and remove what we won't ever get? (Antus fruit for example)

    2. Same goes for titles.... will we get these missing titles someday? (Somewhere here in forums is a list with about 900 titles... the one with most titles on Dyos has got 277 at the moment and I assume it's similar on other servers... that's only 1/3 of all the titles...)

    3. Are there any plans to implement something like a guild stash? Something where every guildmember has access to so they can put in items or take out items if they have the right permission?

    4. Any plans for a class change item?

    5. Will there still be more currency items that we have to store in our bags? Any plans to implement something like a currency bag where one can store all the items that are just there to exchange for other stuff? (Game Token, Carnival Coin, Memory Pearls, Nutcake, Festival Badges and so on....)

    5. Any plans to increase stack size of some items? (Star Crystals, Gems, Flying Recharge Items, Mercury Statuette, )

    6. There are 5 known Dye recipes at the moment... will there be more?

    7. Any plans to upgrade Fusion Gem System and/or Anima: Shelter/Rage?

    8. I know the CN version of FW is PvP server only, but since we got PvE server also are there any plans to make additional Epic Necklaces and Rings available for PvE content? (For example exchangeable for Champion points or something)

    9. Any plans to change combination cost of (bound) runes to soulgold instead of trade gold?
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  • Zilyannia - Eyrda
    Zilyannia - Eyrda Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Ashlynnea, Eyrda Server

    I noticed that Blood vamp's talent "Blood Control" states that curses and blessing skills can still be activated under blood control status. However, It doesn't allow me to cast "Gale Wings" (Very important blessing skill). I've sent a ticket and posted about it on the forums but i didn't get any concrete reply, So i'll ask again here.
    I'd like to know if this is a bug that will ever get fixed? or if it is intended?
  • CaIIiope - Nyos
    CaIIiope - Nyos Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    3.) can we finally have the equation officially from a dev on how dmg is calculated? we have a good idea but we dont honestly know if elemental atk is as valuable as mastery or normal atk or at what point they are the same etc.

    - Will there be ever something like PWI transfigure scrolls that are aquirable through normal gameplay?

    - Why do they remove so many fashion even though many players like buying them? After they removed so many fashions you can't cross-match with other fashions anymore.

    -Will you make the high-level rawmaterials for production-jobs like for example Alchemy level 6 also available for people who don't want to be in a high level guild or can't get into one?
  • _Sidian_ - Lionheart
    _Sidian_ - Lionheart Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    For a fee can they allow server transfers i think this would revitalise the game.
    Shake up aliances etc.

    I for 1 would pay to transfer a toon to another server.T;Cool
  • shirayukihime
    shirayukihime Posts: 90 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Shiroyukihime- nyos

    I would like to know if there is a chance to make fusion gems unbound... as of now u HAVE to learn alchemy on all chars for them. I would like to be able to have alchemy max only on 1 char and that one to make fusion gems for all of other alts ( this will allow me to max other job on tbat alt) and also i dont like im forced to learn a job u dont want.

    Thank you.
  • wuergmaster
    wuergmaster Posts: 161 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    Will there ever be a QA testing changes in int. Versions ?

    Would we see a account wide useable storage ? And with this:

    I prefer to have more account bounded not char bounded stuff. T;Begging

    Something nice would be to show / use skills without targeting someone / something.
    E.g. pressing SHIFT + Skillbutton and skillanimation is been showed.
    I saw that in other game and it was a nice Feature.
  • Celennes - Illyfue
    Celennes - Illyfue Posts: 526 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Celennes, Illyfue

    Will there be rewards for having more than 220 achievements?
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