Heart of Ice & Fire is bugged.

Kaiyu - Illyfue
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It says Instance Isn't Open and won't let people apply even though it should be open right now. Just wanted to let you know, whoever takes care of this stuff.
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  • viiix
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    The NA servers went through the same thing when we had our time change. Everything will be off for a day for this week, but when you have your normal maintenance, it'll go back to normal. Fingers crossed the one tonight will make everything normal for y'all.
  • thenamesdomino
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    There's maintenance tonight, I'll be making a news post and patch notes soon. Stay Tuned.
  • tornathien
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    will the patch include void alloy and void dust, as is no way at all to get these items to upgrade guild bases, ty
  • XGIOx - Illyfue
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    the batlefields for gvg havent been created yet :) do we have a chance for this to get fixed with maintenance, or no gvg this week at all.