Prelude to Disaster

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after patch, this main quest line, also an achievement seems to have disappeared along with "Woe's reach" .. anyone, new demons, able to find this quest line? i know it includes a quest in SoO but if the achievement is still there it's should still be available right?
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    You can't obtain the quest because they swapped Morin around with someone called Alan. You have to first complete Morin's quest to delve into Ancestral Catacombs to save Charlotte but we discover the blood of Khumn awakened within her, where she then retreats to Aeon Spire. Wthout this quest, we can't get the follow up quests to head into Aeon Spire to try save her.

    To fix this, they would need to swap Morin back in Sleeping Jungle since Alan is part of the new storyline, not the old one.