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Dark Sin

kquickkquick Posts: 17 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Assassin Discussion
I don't understand this at all, why make a dark sin when you can't even get a war god set that has top eva on it. Also the drop rate for damage eva for additional skills up top is near impossible. Seriously you need to fix this. I've been on this game almost since beta and farming just for blue gear since i can't get eva on the war god set because of forced builds on it which are dumb. However, the blue set you can't even get crit eva or crit chance eva or any damage eva up top ever for sin. Do you job for once pwe and fix the issue, i've been paying off the chain and all you have done is screwed me over and that is y no one plays stupid dark sin on storm server. If you want to get the game alive you fix the minor stuff or the character so ppl dont rage and leave

let's see 30 - 40 world bosses a day and still no gear for a dark sin, while 2x drop rate is on

How long will it take to get an honest reply on why no 85 world bosses and shard exchange never give any sin gear, meaning evasion
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  • nragedrainnragedrain Posts: 113 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Whats a Dark Sin OUO;!!??
  • LuciusOersted - Storm LegionLuciusOersted - Storm Legion Posts: 98 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    nragedrain wrote: »
    Whats a Dark Sin OUO;!!??

    A mean bully like you rage... >_>
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