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lm edge-dark sin..whats your prefer lv80-lv90 edge talent tree?

superherasuperhera Posts: 1 Arc User
edited December 2014 in Assassin Discussion
hello.. lm edge-dark sin...which edge talent tree usefull for lv80 between lv90? whats your prefer? speasialy for pvp? thank you for your answers..
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  • Nyos - NyosNyos - Nyos Posts: 422 Arc User
    edited October 2014
    I am not Edge-Dark sin anymore but if i were to become one this would be my tree.

    Getting 5/4 on advance shadow protection as first priority and maybe evasivness too.
    Possible rune to use : Rapid attack, Seal knowledge, Secret art blast, Stealth theory, Focused maneuver, Intensified aggression?
  • VelvetStrike - IllyfueVelvetStrike - Illyfue Posts: 1,126 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    I'm not trying to start the discussion with people outside of illy again but to get the most damage you should go full edge with venom runes and lots of dark mastery. The damage is uncomparable once you have both masterys semi-high and all runes. (my sig was taken with champ set, lvl 85 mastery and 276 chroma)

    runes: sudden strike-hurried pain-darkness expert-seal knowledge-rapid attack-intensified agression.

    Edge will give you all the crit benefits which you can't get on runes while most of the venom damage talents are available from runes, making the edge tree with venom runes the ultimate hybrid build imo.

    It works great for pvp, tons of stuns from imperiling hack. Sadly you can't rune the silences from venom :P
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