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Went to look for some Nightmares in the auction. Searched, found a five but all poor quality or double weakness. Went and caught my own. Not what I was looking for so I put them up for sale. That little option that shows the same, or similiar, items spawned 2 pages of Nightmares for sale. I checked the search multiple times, blank, nada, zilch, zero.

Seems something happened since that last server reset.

(Didn't notice the subforum, my bad)
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  • itdeveloping
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    in order for your search to function properly you must be tabbed into the proper category that pertains to your search, or you must have nothing tabbed/expanded and be in the root search directory. hope this helps.
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    Also if you are searching for a pet, there is a difference in search between the soul and an actual hatched pet. If you aren't clear on which one you are searching for it could show one and not the other.
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    I know this, it wasn't that. Hence why I reported it.