Eryda Down?



  • sobe25
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    edited November 2014
    I can confirm me and so far 8 other guildies are finally online to join the rest that never had issues lol.
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  • MoonlitSno - Eyrda
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    I'm in and so are alot of ppl on my friends list. thankyou draken
  • SparkyHeal - Storm Legion
    SparkyHeal - Storm Legion Posts: 204 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    I'm finally able to get back in too, haven't been able to log in since maint yesterday night.
  • wobblesweeble
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    edited November 2014
    well that lasted a whole hour. log in to try to finish some po's i was working on and get bounced out. Im seriously ready to quit, As much money as we have all spend on the game, You would think they could get there **** together
  • Varnania - Eyrda
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    i can log back on on my homeconection ty
  • ladytexan
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    yes i can log in on east storm
  • kathyrenee
    kathyrenee Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    i can get back on but game keeps crashing :(
  • Tearro - Storm Legion
    Tearro - Storm Legion Posts: 37 Arc User
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    thank you im in
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  • Mouthgasm - Eyrda
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    If ur gonna change accounts to try n b clever, at least change your fonts clown. secondly your barcodes dont own a territoru unlike Rick's n some others locked out that stand to lose something, so it makes perfect sense that your only a lil concerned, you have lil to lose

    Thank you for updates btw .. saw posted on both forums pretty quick like and it's appreciated

    Actually perseus we do own territories. And all I did was switch to my main account. :) not to switch accounts to be clever js. But it's alright. Like i stated all you do is snit. :)

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  • drakenfyre
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    locking this since the issue seems to have passed, if not fee free to make a new thread to report serer down issues

    second I told some of you to drop the attacks, so glad you can listen
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