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I was disappointed when most fashion from the Eyrda Boutique were removed, especially the ones that were my favorite but I think there is a way to adapt to the new fashion rotation idea. I think all the previous fashion that was in the Eyrda Boutique should be put back at their original Eyrda/Soul leaves price but rotate in and out any special new or rare fashion, like the ones from packs or charge rewards.

There has not been a rotation since it has been implemented so many weeks ago. I thought the fashion was supposed to be rotated like every other week or during a maintenance but it hasn't yet.

So, I thought maybe the rotation would be better for rare fashion. Also, you can sell these rare fashions for Eyrda leaves only or do the half Eyrda and Soul leaves with them if you like but I think the previous fashion should be sold for full Eyrda and Soul leaves the way they were before this fashion rotation idea.

I know fashion was never sold for Soul leaves originally when the game first came out because Soul leaves didn't exist at the time but it was such a wonderful idea when Soul leaves were added as well as having the older fashion for Eyrda leaves and Soul leaves while the new fashion was for Eyrda leaves only until the new fashion was in the Eyrda boutique for a while then sold for Soul leaves too.

I would love to see a rotation of the World Cup Fashion and Courtesan Fashion in the Eyrda boutique is just an example of rare fashion that could be rotated in and out.
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    Anything more would be better than the very few mostly crappy fashions we have to choose from now... The newest fashion was quite a disappointment, also. Where is that rotation?