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Blood Rider rune comes

Fman_Dante - IllyfueFman_Dante - Illyfue Posts: 47 Arc User
edited June 2014 in General Discussion
Erm sorry, but wasnt the game HIGHLY INFLUENCED in having Bloor Rides runes so far? Made a Lv3 adv rune finally after a long time to sell, and suprise suprise, it went BR , same as 2 out of 5 lv 2 adv rune

Im wondering, why are the chances so high in resulting BR lately?
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  • magikarp851magikarp851 Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    On the way to making a lv5 rune I estimate 25-35% of the runes went BR.
  • Leeleeth - IllyfueLeeleeth - Illyfue Posts: 310 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    Guess that was made how they say it..." INTENTIONAL" because new class is behind on runes...no?
    But guess what? at this rate,everyone gonna reroll to a BR who needs priests,mm's,wars,vamps,prots

    pff just delete em all n leave Br's.

    Easy cake lul
    Stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump
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  • morsaeternamorsaeterna Posts: 720 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    I would say its not a problem but because we dont really have high BRs (not alts) we cant really sell these.
    Im sitting on an adv rune for atleast 3 weeks now because its br.
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