Guide quests still broken

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So I waited all day to be able to go into God trials just to find it that that stupid guide quest is still broken and wont complete. It just reappears in my quest log and I cant complete the rest of those stupid guide quests to get my racial mount. Please send write in forums if this will be fixed since I will no longer be wasting my time redoing something that doesnt work.

Cya when this gets fixed

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an extremely pissed off and disappointed player for more reasons then she can rage about in forums!
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  • convicthammer
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    I´m having the same problem with this quest

    Also wondering what happened to the quest for mounted combat, im lvl65+ already and the quest is nowhere to be found
  • Ryuue - Storm Legion
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    I'm having a similar issue, where on my alt, I can't begin the beginning guide quest (Life in the Harbor) which disseminates into other quests. I was able to accept and complete Nightmare Carnival tho, but Life in the Harbor links to alot of other guide quests (Like God's Trial). I seem to not be able to accept the quests because of the initial Life in the Harbor quest.
    When I click the button from the H menu, it just opens an encyclopedia description.
    I thot before the quest just began in your quest menu? Or you could click through the H menu and accept the quest line there.
  • Lunaries - Illyfue
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    I'm having the same issue. I get the guide quest for Gods Trial, complete it... and then it just reappears... I did it again... and its reset'ed once again... =_=
  • dreamer558
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    ok, i've looked several places, but haven't found anything about this so i figured i'd make a thread. I can't do mounted combat quests, or any guide quests for that matter, the last guide quest i had was the lvl40 pet journey one and i have never had the option to pick up one since. I still have the GT guide quest in my quest log (the "go see san juan" quest) but it cannot track, and it will not finish, i've even tried to manually enter GT, still with no effect. I'm not sure if it's bugged or if there's requirements i haven't met, my toon is lvl72 now. If anyone can help that would be awesome :)
  • Juliye - Eyrda
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    same here. my raider can't get past the GT guide quest no matter what.

    it shows "Complete the God's Trial (0/1) (0/1)" like it needed to be done twice (which I did) but still can't complete the quest.
  • cuthecrap
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    Hello community,

    So i was wondering if anyone knew why can't I complete the GT Guide Quest... e accept it, i go to San Juan, e complete GT, i deliver it at henry but it stays in my Quest Log and i do not receive the rewards, can't advance to next Guides which means i cannot reach GFC Guide Quest which is a requirement for mounted combat...

    Anyone aware of this situation/can help?

  • Bhyl - Lionheart
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    It's been reported in 4 or 5 threads already, no answer on a fix yet.
  • darkmith3
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    i made a post about this the day the new patch came out