Let's all just take a minute to appreciate..

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This message.


Grats on the winner of the pet of course!
Just thought I'd share the lulz.
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    I can't help but love that message...
    Suck mah common sense bishes! T;Sly
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    any pic of pet stats?
  • VyXantia - Lionheart
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    Does anyone know what level the new Forest Scout pet is? :)
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    No we're not happy now. Give us an archer class! *cough*

    That's hilarious.

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    I'm content, but not happy :D
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    omg that announceement XD
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  • viiix
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    Ooh, I missed that, pretty awesome! Still, they should know that we're never happy, merely not unhappy for a bit. :p
  • TheMasseur - Eyrda
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    lmao...... I wish they would try as hard on other things as they did on the message for that pet.
  • Nanali - Storm Legion
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    Ahahaha, good one. I would looove an archer class tho, had one in PWI and I miss her XD
  • RaizensFur - Nyos
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    Anyone know what stats the title gives?
  • yaicka
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    +3% Crit Dodge & GZ for the pet !
  • DoomRaven - Storm Legion
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    Woot Zelda has came to play FW!