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Burst op soon?

DoomRaven - Storm LegionDoomRaven - Storm Legion Posts: 829 Arc User
edited February 2014 in Marksman Discussion
Was just comparing the new talents to marksman tree and high velocity shot has 20s cooldown and silences 4s and 2 of burst talents do this

Reduce High Velocity Shot cooldown by 2 seconds, and increased base damage 10%. (0/4)

Increase High Velocity Shot bonus damage increase by 50%, cast time -50%, cooldown -8 seconds.

If the 1st talent is 2s each point, that's 4s cooldown with a 4s silence LOL
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  • PGynt - Storm LegionPGynt - Storm Legion Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited January 2014
    Yes, I'm looking forward to this. I find that I am almost always in burst now instead of soul. I've stopped using hvs because of the cast time, but with the cast time reduction along with cd reduction, it will be part of the aoe spam rotation.
  • CountVonCo - IllyfueCountVonCo - Illyfue Posts: 668 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    This was my initial thoughts. Seems Burst is getting a nice buff with next lvl cap update.

    Good cc, nice dmg. In mass PvP think they will start to shine more.

    <Forever with Vepigi> | Lv90 PvE Dark Vamp

  • MoogDog - Storm LegionMoogDog - Storm Legion Posts: 86 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    Burst cant compete with Burst of Rage.

    I always die from that and im full burst.

    Cant even beat room 50 in HR. boss hurts too much.

    My Demon out dps me, WTH!

    Burst will always be nerfed!!! imho
  • DoomRaven - Storm LegionDoomRaven - Storm Legion Posts: 829 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    natsss wrote: »
    just saying 4sec silence dont work ^^

    you have to somehow put burn effect or what ever i only manage to silence like 1/20 times
    and not for 4 sec

    and if you have 50+ nyos fervor the silence just dont work at all because the magic fuel seems not working with this lol :)

    Ah that's lame but would be insanely op tho, permanent silence T;Frozen

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