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Guide on PWE staff positions

Nyxa - Storm LegionNyxa - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
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Disclaimer: I do not mention all PWE staff positions. I will only be listing the ones that are seen in the forums and the ones people talk about.

I color coded the names, except for devs because they're not cool enough to post here. :cool:


Developers (Devs)

PWE does not have developers in the U.S. Anything regarding the game's design is done by the devs in China.

Game Masters (GMs)

There are GMs in all regions. They work in the office and are the ones responsible for answering tickets, live chat, and so on. GMs are the ones that have the power to ban you. Sometimes they appear on the forums to look cool or something. They have forum powers as well as extra in-game powers.

Some GMs are specialized, which is noted in their forum title:

bluescull - Tech Support Specialist: If you want the fastest response from her on anything tech related, you want to post in the Technical Support Zone, because she normally does not look in other sections.

Community Managers (CMs)

CMs are not limited to MMOs only. They are seen in any community online, or in real life. They do exactly what their title says: manage the community.

The CM for the U.S. region of FW is

CMs on this game have the same forum and in-game powers as GMs, but are not the ones that answer to tickets. They relay information to GMs and devs, but should not be mistaken as the ones responsible for game design, in-game issues, etc.

Forum Moderators (Mods)

Mods are people like myself. Mods are the only voluntary PWE staff position - they do not get paid or work in the office. They have forum powers similar to GMs and CMs on a lower level.

Mods have no extra power in-game, and unless you know a mod's in-game character, you would not be able to distinguish one from another player. Mods are not responsible for anything that happens outside the forums.
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