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MM wings lvl 4, from rocket to wings

shadower777shadower777 Posts: 170 Arc User
edited November 2013 in Marksman Discussion
What do you guys think?
The picture most ppl have seen in the thread: "all lvl 4 wings pic." is from a voting forum page on wanmei. they are asked to vote for the ugliest lol.

I like the wings in general, but overall i would have prefered some normal angel wings (human like) made from metal. starting with rusty bronze -> fixed silver -> 4 small wings from gold -> then gold with platinum/diamons or something.

now we go from 3 stages of rocket to possible these new ones. the logic is lost.T;Puzzling

EDIT: Update: according to the notes
> we are going to say goodbye to our rockets. all lvl wings revamped!!!!
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  • Krogyn - NyosKrogyn - Nyos Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    i like all our wings, lvl4 are pretty badass and i like them more then all the others T;Moustache
  • Gwenny - EyrdaGwenny - Eyrda Posts: 1,417 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    I like them, but from looking at the previous wings and comparing them they make no sense ._. They're so different. I really want to see an animation of the wings. Despite that oddity I like them.

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  • boredog1boredog1 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    old lvl 4s ftwT;Applauding
  • shadower777shadower777 Posts: 170 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    boredog1 wrote: »
    old lvl 4s ftwT;Applauding

    I did like the old lvl 4 version indeed. now we get a total makeover. i feel so special T;Sly
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