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ice pvp, some questions/feedback appreciated

motz1motz1 Posts: 2 Arc User
edited August 2013 in Mage Discussion

rune points

- boundary + 4
- magic suppression +3
- ice inspiration +1
- advanced wind drive +1
- swift transform +3

advanced frost realm got 2 points instead of 1

4 points left, where should i put them?

- sinister stream? not very much damage gain here and only limited

- piercing cold? depends whether the bonus damage is the skill damage or the frozen bonus or is it just a waste of points?

- drake skin? 3 sec shield holding 30k damage in my case. when the enemy has rh it protects for 1-2 hits

- frozen shield? is it really 10% defense or just 10 points. in the latter case its useless i think
- chilling ice? dmg boost worth it?

got about 60k hp 50k mana / 750 mastery 500 resis then but also want to have some decent pve damage for hell...
and I'll stick to frost-realm/boundary because most of the time I have water bards or wind mages in my team so the combined mana-drain sums up pretty nice.

any advices/feedback?
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  • motz1motz1 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    thanks for feedback,

    got actually 4x swift transform ;) bad typos...

    whats advanced ice pick? mean spike?

    and is the bonus from piercing cold worth the points? 12 % to the crappy 1k bonus on frozen target or to the skill bonus damage?
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