What do you like about this game?

Monotonous - Storm Legion
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i just like my pet what about you guys?
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  • aestheticsbro
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    I love my guild, and turnip smileys :D
  • vursed
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    my swag
  • StelthKillz - Lionheart
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    lol beach..... what I like about this game, my gf plays it/the pvp/they new ****/ and last but not least the trollers :D
    -Mind Blown Stelth Out-

  • EvilSheep - Illyfue
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    My post got deleted I wonder why...

    Since when am I not at the liberty to say that I only play this game still because of the few people I love and are close to me and that I spent loads of cash in the past so Im sorta chained to it since it would be a shame to leave my toons after all that money pissed away on here...

    And apart from that there is nothing worthwhile about it anymore, thanks to all the fails and bugs in the EU servers. ^^

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  • Vyden - Illyfue
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    i love the way that each new patch brings a new bug.
  • alyseq
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    The waterfall in Kalaires and my dear friends that have been with me through tears and cheers :p
    Dear signature,

    I'm a little 80 human priest in this large Lionheart server. And like the salty taste the sea always has, bitter people will always be there, yet still can't make life less sweet.

    Special thanks to you who have colored my life and been with me through tears and cheers! You know who you are, my sweethearts :p

    From Eyrda with love,
  • Pearldrop - Eyrda
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    I love the people. Through the time I've spent playing Forsaken World, I have met so many different people from a variety of walks of life. As a future healthcare provider, I have a bias toward those who are less fortunate and especially those who are ill. On Eyrda I know quite a few individuals who are afflicted with illnesses (some chronic, some just passing) and I make sure to spend extra time with them because they are the ones who need the support and that friend there to help them out. I have been known to talk about lots of health stuff and I feel that this game is one of the best ways to raise awareness about living a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy yourself. I hope to make more friends as the days go by and lend a helping hand to those who need it. There's a lot of hardship in the world, and physically I cannot do much to impact those who are geographically distant. However, one gesture of kindness to even one person has the power to start a domino effect and that person can in turn show kindness to someone else. Through this, we can eventually reach more people and hopefully the world will be a nicer place :)

    PS. If you haven't noticed, I'm a carebear 99% of the time.
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  • Ginius - Illyfue
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    Firstly, like most of us, I think I stay here because I love the people I'm playing with, been there for a long time, and it quite feels like a 3rd home, I often feel like I have 3 lives : 1 personnal life with family/friends/gf, 1 working life with coworkers and one game life which has been FW life for more than 2 years now.

    Secondly, as some already said, I spent a lot of time and some money too that I don't want to got to waste either.

    And finally, even if the game could be way better with a better QA/support team (I'm a QA engineer btw :p), even if I'd like the developpers to be bit more focused on the NA/EU version of the game instead of 100% china, the game is not bad by itself.
    The lack of endgame content is becoming a bit disturbing tho, but it seems an update is coming up so we'll see :)
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  • Isock - Eyrda
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    1.- the orb pvp sistem, first time its not just smash skills till other person is dead :D
    2.- my friends i made in game, can have them on skype or facebook but isnt the same, maybe its just me xD
  • cangeline
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    Get along with people in my guild and made friends.