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Hell Road - "Pay with Ashes" Quest Bug

DeadlyTone - EyrdaDeadlyTone - Eyrda Posts: 4 Arc User
edited June 2013 in Bug Reports

The item exchange quest "Pay with Ashes" at the npc Ayrshi Mirage is capping all items to 100 stacks while removing all ashes from the inventory as seen from the screenshot. For example 176 Devil Ashes Lv5 only gives 100 Raw Anima Core: Rage instead of 176 Raw Anima Core: Rage

This item capping leaves me with months of hell road work lost as seen from the screenshot. Can you return the missing items as listed below.

- 120 Raw Anima Crystal: Rage
- 118 Raw Anima Stone: Rage
- 76 Raw Anima Core: Rage

Server: Eyrda
Character: DeadlyTones


Thank you.
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