Stealth reduced in FF

Armenthys - Lionheart
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I recently noticed some assassins camping on enemy's spawn using stealth. I know they can be killed solo/grouped but surprise attacks are not cool, specially when they are just camping until the enemy leaves spawn while red handed.

My suggestion is reduce stealth time when used within the area on spawn base.
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  • serasdos
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    Agree, it's annoying when full eva sin with high crit damage are camping on the flags
    because if you survive the red hand crit you get stunned or sleep,
    sometimes you need to go with a team just to kill one guy and meanwhile you lose the other
  • xerosennin1989
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    Amen to this!
  • shokkur
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    Stealth is too big an advantage, period. No sin should be able to have wrath active in stealth, the end. Activating stealth should instantly end wrath.
  • aestheticsbro
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    Even my sin alt lv60 in unrefined green gears could camp around, get orbs and kill lv70+'s without getting hit. Stealth in FF is so OP it's not even fun.