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i recently received a redeem code for free mercury statues, the mail said i received an other one with a code wich didnt work(altough i did not.
but since i dont play FW anymore i want to give this code to somebody form here, i could make a thing where i ask you to say why you need to get it but since i dont know you people and cant decide fairly then im just going to put it here, first comes first gets.

the code:

found the other code to.
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    You are right, I also received a code for the missing 3 merc stats but it does not work. I hope they give this a look!!!
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    Great job,FW. Givin away codes without informing us 1st that the codes will be mailed to our e- adresses is like you never gave a code. Some of us don't check our mail everyday. When I saw this thread I logged to my account and spotted 2 codes that have expired like...long ago. Thanks for letting us know that the codes were going to be sent by mail. This game ain't worth it anymore.
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    other than zen promo codes (wich PWE advertises when theyre giving them away, or tell u the way to get them), all the other codes are for GIFTS.
    NOT EVERYONE gets those. Only undeserving people, like some of u, that feel the need to complain ,,WHY PWE? WHY HAVENT YOU SENT ME A e-MAIL TELLING ME THAT YOU WILL SEND ME ANOTHER e-MAIL WITH THE CODE? OWW, WHY??"

    Do you really think they are forced to go through all this hussle to give you the codes, then to try and let you know through any means possible that they gave you something free?

    Dont tell me, you want a game master to log in game to let you know personally that you have a mail unopened from them?

    THE HECK IS GOING ON PEOPLE ! You cant find good enough reasons to QQ about?


    btw, this was for psychobunny666
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    Look dude,I really dont care about those codes. And I did not ask for another email to inform me about future email with code. If u think that way,u really,but really must be stupid. A topic with the info that the emails with codes will be sent to us is all that we want. Caps off kid,don't bother with it,I can read. As I've said,not all of us check the emails everyday. So an info on forum about these codes going out soon would be appreciated. Cuz some players probably never knew about these codes. Who knows how many of them are out there that have not reedemed theirs. Not all of us are "nerds" like some players here,checking the emails every minute for some random gifts sent by staff. Get a life,seriously. Or just continue **** kissin the staff. Thats what you do.

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    I sense so much pain in this thread..
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    the code he received (in first post), and the one youre blabbering about are prolly different ones. HOWEVER, (intentioned caps) THOSE CODES WERE SENT TO INACTIVE ACCOUNTS !

    so how the ** would you read forum posts if youre INACTIVE?

    Staff cant be bothered updating threads that are of importance to us, so how in hell can you even suggest to ,,make a thread with the codes for the inactive people".

    What's that gonna contain? List of people that arent in game? our gazillion toons?

    ok, i am now convinced, Stupidity has found a new adress, and guess's on your street !

    oh, and btw, to keep in the topic (of annoying), i do have a life, and a gf that i marryed in game. I go to a job, every working day of the week, and check my mails daily, because unlike others, i need to keep in touch :)

    But yet, i better find another reason to start qq'ing about on forums, cuz it seems to be cool. Otherwise you wouldnt be doing it :D
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