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  • Isock - Eyrda
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    an idea.. how about Cyborg? created by dwarves.. the ability to upgrade machine parts and have changeable fashions and guns like dwarves have? And talent tree have: Explosives, -offensive Repair, -heals , Armor -defense
    -VonCondrak - Eyrda

    thats pretty awesome, prot dwarf ftw! xD
  • VonCondrak - Eyrda
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    -VonCondrak - Eyrda

    thats pretty awesome, prot dwarf ftw! xD

    thanks ^_^ this would make an awesome addition to game ... like from mechanical to future to steam punk. be awesome.
  • MystressMalice - Storm Legion
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    A demon race would be kinda cool imho. Something like a cross between a mage and warrior. Can use ranged magic, but has some melee skills as well. Let them have a form they can turn into to allow a short burst of 'demon rage' or something, kind of like the vamps have bat form.
  • eatsrainbow
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    Hi i'm a bit new to this game and i would like to suggest Goblins, I've seen in Nightmare Circus the little Goblins and they look so cool like they could have Assassin, Mage, Trickster (if Trickster is assassin call it trickster :3).

    And personally i would be a Goblin the second it comes out so if you can please make a Goblin and probably add a nice Dark Village with a Creepy Town and call it Goblin Camp or something that is cool and awesome!

    Can't wait for a reply :3

    From: EatsRainbows IGN: Helbath Race: Dwarf Class: Marksman

    Thank you.
  • Ivorygoddess - Storm Legion
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    Well we see that certain races have certain ones, like a vampire is a vampire and a lycan is a lycan. I would like to see a hybrid of them mixed like off Underworld. Have them mix trees with some vampire and some Lycan; make them have vampire teeth and lycan fur. Also would like to see something with bow arrows, like an elf class with arrows (a.k.a Archers) Have more classes with a Lycan's. More verity; like they turn into wolf permanently till u click it back off. I like the marksmen Idea as well; just need to come up with ideas with imagination. How about a hovering race like a fairy or a witch type. Just saying; would be cool. (: Hope some of you like my ideas if not; oh well i tried lol. :D
  • joshua7034
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    they really should add a archer. idc what race it goes under just as long as there is one, i mean..pwi has one why shouldnt forsaken to the people responsible of creating races i say...........PLEASE OH PLEASE ADD AN ARCHER I BEG OF YOU :D
  • RottenDeat - Eyrda
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    Ability :Summoner
    Weapon:Necro books

    Ability:High damge Long range
    Weapon:Bow and cross-bow

    Human:Weapon Master
    Ability:Meele High dps
    Weapon:Glaves,Axe-Dual handed

    Abilities:Like vamp they loose Hp per attack,but increase damage and attack speed
    High regen
    Weapon:Javelin and Spears
  • Lykea - Lionheart
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    since this is a fantasy game an we have warriors,vampires,elf,s mage,s how about a necromancer that summons the dead to fight by thier side that would be great
  • bronn4ever
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    Give me dwarf melee combo!
  • VeroniCxX - Illyfue
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    why not make a new class for kindred and humans something like slayers with huge axes would be awesome :p
  • ixeloss
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    Blade dancer type class (like from Continent of the Ninth).

    But perhaps with mace or whips to change weapon variety...

    Or a Reaper type class.
    Necrotic. Scythe weaponry.
  • DemonicSho - Storm Legion
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    Yeah, well if you included the Werewolves already, how about a Half Dragon class? (Sorry if i take the idea from Fairy Tail :/)....

    Class: Maybe a fighter, with knuckels bracers or something like that, with a balance of mp and hp, They hit hard, but no like a War or Prot, they are less fast that the sins, and medium resistance to damage, in other words, an basic class that would be awesome to the new people...The class should be a medium/short-range class.

    Their elements are fire and earth, doing magma attacks and dry magma protections, also liquid magma that do the burning effect, not so much like the Inferno Vamps and Fire mages but kinda burn your **** up. If the idea goes further i make the trees :)

    Another Race: Undead

    The name says it all, corpses from the graves revived by dark magic. So they look like zombies.

    Class of the Undead: Zombie.

    Undead corpses that use chains as weapons, able to absorb hp to boost attack, also making the posion effect, Their moves is enhanced because of the dark magic, so they are fast. The class also has the ability to be inmune to any damage knowed as "Zombie Rage" just for like 2 secs. They have good defense and average attack, mid-range class with the chains.

    Their elements are Dark and Wind, Why wind? Simply, as their are undead, and got resurrected; the electricity on their bodies is overdrived to get an enhanced movement, so that electricity is trasspassed to their chains and further improve their attack.

    That's all, hope you like it and tell me if u don't like the idea, But if u like it, please share and maybe the FW would take this reply to the thread and make it real! :D
  • Red_Flash_Fang - Storm Legion
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    Something under water so that getting around in water isn't such a pain!
  • PRJMaraude - Lionheart
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    I have an Idea and a back story to this race there was a race long forgotten on eyrda older then the children of the gods vyda tytan and the other one they forged the tools capable of ending wars changing reality and even the gods themselves they were the peace keepers the guardians of the stars until a god corrupted them turning them into mindless savages she has prepared for centuries for her revenge and she has awoken the once great now fallen guardians of the galaxy that now wage war with the dwarfs, elves, humans, stone men, kindred, and lycan! Behold the fallen guardians.
  • Ninnyel - Nyos
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    Would be nice if Lycan race was completed before thinking of introducing something new.

    Maybe you could introduce some warrior rats, since pandarens and battle kitties are everywhere these days. Or pirate rats. Or moths with strong light weakness.
  • TheLiteHea - Storm Legion
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    MERMAIDS! FAIRIES! Vampires without BIG crosses >.>
  • UZA - Lionheart
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    Make a berserker class for kindreds they would be much like wars :D u could even add it to lycan as a 3rd class :D

    Also have a knight class gor humans where they get a big long joust

    Also bring out a fairy class they would be like dwarfs :D but with a hint of elf :D
  • wlonniet
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    How about fixing things with new race we have. Lycans. Months have passed since they entered the game and most of the fashions available to the rest of the characters can't be worn by Lycans. It would be nice if they had racial fashion sets like the rest of the races also. Fix what we have before adding new bugs to be fixed.
  • Mad_Martti - Lionheart
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    There are plenty of Races in Forsaken World, but you could open up the class options for a few of the races to make things more interesting for other players.

    Dwarf Warrior would be nice, or an assassin class for the dwarves

    A female Protector class

    Lycan Mage class and or warrior class as well.

    By limiting the races to one class, it limits the enjoyment players can have with these races in game. Please consider these suggestions.
  • Monotonous - Storm Legion
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    druid!!! xD
  • dadroponya
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    I would love it if PWE could add an ARCHER class to any of the races already in the game.;)
  • Lunescentia - Storm Legion
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    Kindred (dark) priest, please.
  • darkrose227
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    i think it'd be fun to have a tiger class like, but my idea is a dream watcher where the person is put to sleep for 30 seconds while the dream watcher send the person nightmare's across the person's screen killing them slowing the dream watcher can also heal them selves by stealing the health from the other while there asleep :D something i made up but it think it'd be fun to have a new class once in a while something some other game doesn't have and we do.
  • VictoriaSh - Storm Legion
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    I'm all for new races/ classes, but how about you fix the Lycans first? There is only one class per gender, some fashion doesn't work, etc. My big issue is that there needs to be more classes, especially for the females. There are girls out there who are Lycan Priests just because they want to be Lycans and that's the only option for females. Some (And I am not saying all) are just terrible at healing because they only wanted to be Lycans. So please, for the sake of our characters HP in instances, MAKE MORE CLASSES AVAILABLE FOR LYCANS!!!! And I'm sure the male Lycans would like more classes too. <3
  • shadowcat1979
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    I would love for Forsaken World to expand and give each race at least one other class. I love the Lycans but I hate being a priest and I am a woman who prefers to play only female classes. I would love to see Lycans get at least 3 classes like the original characters. Also why not impliment a dragonkin race and give them damage dealing classes and tank classes I think it would be a blast playing a female dragonkin. What about faes have light and dark faes. I love games that impliment lots of mystical races and amazing classes. I know this sounds cliche but I would love to see elves get an archer class. In all mmos I play my favorite races are normally vampires,werewolves, and elves. I think an amazing class for the lycans and elves would be a shapeshifting class that controls earth abilities and a necromancer type class for a kindred. I think humans should get a paladin or tank type class that uses mana. Stonemen I think they should have a beserker,lancer or some other two handed damage dealing job so more people would play them. I think the Stonemen should have a female class and simply call them Stonepeople or something else to do with geology. As for Dwarves they would make excellent demon tamers and possibly another class for tanking or melee. I know I typed out a lot of suggestikons but I hope you at least consider them. I love forsaken world but I think its about time it spread its wings wide and soared and show people just how amazing it is. The thing is to draw in masses that want to play.
  • Mangoliaa - Storm Legion
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    I'd seriously love to see a priest class for Dwarves. To me that'd be epic. Also maybe a new race that's all female? It seems slightly unfair to me that you've only got a all male race and no all female race. But that's just me. Still; I'd really love to see a Dwarf Priest class. That would make my day. ^ ^
  • Dextria - Illyfue
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    Female stoneman would be awesome
  • deathlamb
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    I like the suggestion of an all female race, like the Stonemen are all male. So why not an Amazon or Fairy race? They could have some really interesting classes, like a new range class for fairies using their wands, and Amazons could be powerful, warrior types. Your imagination could go wild here, and of course they must be beautiful to look at and wear as little clothing as possible :D
  • angelnoelle
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    Race : Aquaria(some kind of mermaid type creature lol)
    Gender : FEMALE ONLY ( hey stoneman is male only :< so why not female only )
    Class : Mermaid, Summoner, Mystic
    Range : magic class range [18 metres or 20 metres]
    Weapons : Wands ( Summoner,Mystic ) Trident/Wands ( Mermaid )
    Masteries : Water ( Mermaid ), Light and Dark+summoned pet ( Summoner), Water,Light,Earth ( Mystic )
    Tree ideas: Mermaid - Ocean
    Speacialize in strong AoEs, CC, and stun

    - Pearl
    Speacialize in heals, buffs and debuffs,

    - Coral
    Specialize in single dps, crit

    Summoner - Angelic(light element tree)
    Speacialize in heals, buffs, and healing/defense type pet ( dont want them to squishy even they r a healer class lol )

    - Demonic(dark element tree)
    Speacialize in attacking, crit, and melee summoned pet

    - Harmony(light and dark )
    Speacialize in heals and attacking and AoEs ( actually its the hybrid of angelic and demonic tree...thats why it is called harmony lol )

    Mystic - Nature( earth element tree )
    Speacialize in aoe heals and moderate single dps damage

    - Aquamarine(water element tree)
    Speacialize in Aoe dps/dph, good heals and stun(hybrid)

    - Trinity( light element tree )
    Speacialize in high single dps damage,crit (just like rebel priest )

    so thats my idea...ik that the race sounds more into water stuff but the class have light, dark and earth element but...thats what i'm thinking....also the reason i want the classes is that i like mermaid so special and rare while i've played summoner in BOI or WOI, its pretty good and Mystic on PWI even tho this one has no pet >.<...i hope this PWE will consider my suggestion lol xD..

    i would appreciate there is no negative comment bein thrown on meh T.T
  • Wakadiri - Storm Legion
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    I want to play elf archers but there is no elf marksman at this game. they should have add marksman on elf . Plus protector on male lychan and put addition al class for dwarf and lychan female must have a mage :D