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    when will the servers be back up????
  • Morgantia - Lionheart
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    dezstravus wrote: »
    Hello Everyone,

    First off, thank you for the support and dedication that you have demonstrated during this unexpected downtime. We are grateful to have loyal fans that appreciate the game so much, and the work that is done to keep it going, even when things do not go as smoothly as we would like them to.

    Recently, we unintentionally altered the price on Nova Packs to a value that was significantly lower than it should have been. This caused players to be able to earn Star Crystals at a rate that was much higher than intended, and, consequently, upgrade their gear at a rate that was higher than the design intended. While under normal circumstances, we would simply write off an incorrectly-priced item as a loss on our part, this particular case proved more challenging, as the impact of the high volume of Star Crystals and upgraded items caused a disturbance in the overall game experience, affecting progression mechanics, PVP balance, and overall game difficulty.

    After an in-depth review of all possible solutions, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that the only way to remedy this issue was to perform a server rollback. This means that all characters will be restored to a previous state. Specifically, right before the moment the Nova Packs were introduced into the game. All purchases using Zen during this timeframe will be automatically refunded over the next couple of days. This includes Leaf purchases that were made using Zen.

    The exact time that characters have been rolled back to is dependent on the server:

    US, Lionheart: 10:02PM on March 29 Pacific Time

    US, Eydra: 9:29PM on March 29 Pacific Time (12:29AM on March 30 Eastern Time)

    US, Storm: 11:29PM on March 29 Pacific Time (2:03AM on March 30 Eastern Time)

    EU, Illyfue: 10:02PM on March 29 Pacific Time (6:02AM on March 30 CEST)

    EU, Shylia: 11:02PM on March 29 Pacific Time (7:02AM on March 30 CEST)

    EU, Dyos: 6:02PM on March 29 Pacific Time (2:02AM on March 30 CEST)

    EU, Nyos: 11:02PM on March 29 Pacific Time (7:02AM on March 30 CEST)

    For those who purchased Zen to take advantage of this offer, we understand that you may wish to request a refund on your Zen purchase. That is understandable. Please contact our customer support team directly, and we will be happy to discuss the options that are available to you.

    We apologize profusely for this situation, and do wish that there was a more elegant solution to provide. Unfortunately, after spending several hours evaluating the different paths, all research pointed to a rollback being the only viable option.

    We are doing a thorough review of our release process to ensure that this does not occur in the future. Our first priority at this very moment is restoring the Forsaken World servers back to a playable state.

    To show our gratitude and appreciation for your patience and understanding, we are offering a special gift to all players of the Forsaken World community.

    This is a coupon code that offers the following rewards, completely for free. This coupon code expires on April 30, 2013, so please redeem it (once per account) as soon as possible.

    Coupon Code: XYHL46M

    This code provides:

    *50-bound Star Crystals
    *2k Soul Leaves
    *VIP pass (7-day)
    *Warlord Pack (7-day)
    *Battlefield Card (7-day)

    Thank you for your support,

    -The Forsaken World Team


    Will the Zen refund be immediate?

    No, unfortunately this scripted operation will take several hours to fully complete. We will post an update when all players have had their Zen refunded.

    Many of us were negatively impacted by the downtime, as we were not able to complete the weekly goals necessary to receive our rewards. What will be done to help us out?

    We are looking into different options for what we can do for players who were negatively impacted by the downtime. More information will come once we are able to resolve the current issues and restore the servers to an online state.

    Will Zen I spent after the Nova Packs went live be refunded to me?

    Yes, your Zen will automatically be refunded to your Perfect World account.

    I purchased Leaves using in-game gold. Will my gold be refunded?

    Technically, yes. Since your character will be rolled back, your gold will be restored to the amount it was at before the Nova Packs went live.

    Why not just make Soul Crystals bound?

    We evaluated this option, but unfortunately we found that even if we disallowed the trading of Soul Crystals, the game balance would still be negatively impacted, as characters who purchased the Nova Packs during this time frame would have more stronger gear than players who did not.

    What a bunch of focking bullshyte!!! :mad:

    Beware... my alts are legion... muhwahaha!!!

    Wait... does that make me a schizo? O.O
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    kenwi wrote: »
    On top of the refund, everyone is getting free gifts.

    The Nova pack was unintentional, and painfully obvious. Why rage?

    This, Seriously. Dont like it, Quit and move onto a new game. They already stated they are refunding everyone so their would be no legal issues either.Be GLAD this game is still free, no game out there is going to be 100% Perfect, no bugs, no mistakes. At least they are ATTEMPTING to give us SOME compensation even though it may be little
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    I still have yet to see the GM answer the question about charge rewards.
  • jblaz3
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    too bad was just a waste of time, pretty sure most serious cash shoppers alreeady had one foot on the door neways
  • kenwi
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    boredog1 wrote: »
    **** the nova pack ****. what about everything players earned in that time frame that was not related to the pack such as ids and drops... RAGE

    True, luckily I told my guild to be lazy this weekend because a rollback is always possible.
  • IHarlequin - Eyrda
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    Wow really? I don't even CS cuz i can't afford 30$ for 100 star crystals -.- I CS'd thinking you people were being nice for once with promotions like wtf? Way to just bone us on this entire situation, rift, dedication, hellsroad, 12s, ENTIRE WEEKEND Ty
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    dezstravus wrote: »
    I'm the nub. I should have included that:


    You are.

    Now. Give me vigor pots for all the time i spent making sure my charcter was online when all you did was **** My mastery up now.


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    672c0806fc49b8e96652061391a0a3f1dd.png in return you offer us some pack? WHAT THE **** ARE WE GONNA DO WITH SOUL LEAVES?? Buy FASHION??? This is a joke. -__-
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    Ty very much PWI. You just showed us you are nothing more then greedy ppl who r trying to take advantage of ppl, o usre roll the servers back and shut the game down and offer us a bunch of god damn junk! Well PWI you lost another player. FW is nothing more then a dead game anyway Great Job and messing up your one chance to redeem yourselfs
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    womdon wrote: »
    Yeah, you think? I mean really... you think?


    Count me in on the QQers. I'm pissed off. This is ridiculous.

    Do you KNOW how long it took me to get that tripple crit dmg ID? like.. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU-<quits>
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    Days worth of work, and diamonds worth of profit gone all because people messing up. 15 hours worth of complaining with a hey, hold Nyxa's Hand and prey, since we wont even let Nyxa know whats going on. You know what, if anything you probably owe Nyxa a pay check for all the **** they went through today. I didn't think the staff would be so ignorant to actually go through with a roll back but i stand corrected. To be honest I think the Merc packs you sold messed the economy up far worse then what the star crystals have. Every item in the packs are consumables and would of vanished at some point. But instead this.. Fantastic. And not only are you rolling back the packs, but everything else that people have waited months for.

    IMO fire someone and hire Nyxa... just saying..
  • swamq
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    does the suggestions/opinions of the player WHO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME not matter at all??? listen to the damn player base and stop this **** before its too late
  • Darthskull - Storm Legion
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    Yeah right keep pissin on me and telling me it is just rain .
  • Beatrix - Lionheart
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    ty for taking away the only light of hope non csers had :(
  • Bainidhe - Storm Legion
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    I honestly don't think they know how many people are absolutely done with this game. I played this game for 2 years and I'm DONE with this game. YOU were the ones that messed up, not us, and we are getting punished for all that you did. Major bull. What you are giving us is a huge slap in the face. So not worth it anymore.
  • Zameri - Lionheart
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    672c0806fc49b8e96652061391a0a3f1dd.png in return you offer us some pack? WHAT THE **** ARE WE GONNA DO WITH SOUL LEAVES?? Buy FASHION??? This is a joke. -__-



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  • DeathDionne - Eyrda
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    I have filed with the BBB and i am getting a lawyer.

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  • divineauroras
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    This is a really bad way to treat your dedicated players/customers. After all the suggestions/complaints/threats/etc. you really must be stupid to ignore what the player base has been suggesting for the past 12+ hours.

    What about all the work done on characters that had NOTHING to do with this sale goof-up?

    What are we supposed to expect from the future if we know you don't really weigh player input in such a serious predicament?

    Why don't you spend....I don't know how long it takes (5 minutes, maybe) to doublecheck the price of an item in game before you launch a sale? Why wouldn't you have a response team that shuts down the server within an hour of such a major goof? Why after making us wait so long, do you take the time to deliver the worst possible news?

    The only way this could be any worse is if you say, "we really don't want to make any effort for recompense for our mistake," which was a SIMPLE MATH ERROR that could easily have been figured by most 10 year-olds.

    Binding Star crystals? You actually thought of that idea, congratz! Wait..... you decided it was a bad idea... How does the same mind think of something good and then turn around and think, "no, I think it's better to do what our customers would hate." Do you have like....one really really stupid guy that's on your staff committee that makes these suggestions, and you just can't ignore his stupid ideas because his salary/position is more than the smart people on your committee? Maybe I'm giving your "committee" too much credit....Are you ALL just that stupid? Maybe there's one guy standing in the corner, murmuring under his breath something like, "Maybe we shouldn't **** off the people who pay for our salaries..." You should really listen to that guy...if he's there.

    If you don't have that guy, I'd gladly come work for you just to be a witness to what discussions occur in such a meeting as you all had today.
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  • Calaspawn - Eyrda
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    How long until I get my $570 back? Better be REALLY soon.
  • gold35
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    how in the hell can u justify this is an unlawful act u made mistake thats not our fault so now u cant take away what has been purshased isnt right that we lose every thing we have aquired
  • oranges7867
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    I tried to get the "Free" items but it says my mail box is full..now why the hell would my mailbox be full?
  • Morgantia - Lionheart
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    genocciide wrote: »
    i want my Money in $$$ back you have shown how pathetic and **** u are and that promo code is a fkn jk nice try fail

    get ur lawyers rdy cause u have breach the law by baiting ppl in and refusing to give money back i dnt want zen i want my money, i was baited u **** me thats fraud


    Beware... my alts are legion... muhwahaha!!!

    Wait... does that make me a schizo? O.O
  • kyanaben01
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    ty for wasting my time. You say it will kill the economy, well u just killed the game because everyone just left!!:D:D
  • dezstravus
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    chocobo55 wrote: »
    seriously tho of all things to do this has to be the worst i mean considering all the things you could like i said just not put in a npc to buy the SC at a really low price so 1)it gets rid of the SC and 2) it puts gold into the game, you may say people who werent here when this was down fall behind on gear but if the SC are still there but with the npc those ppl can still get the gear also besides that if u miss out on something irl you cant walk in and say yo rollback please i missed it. so im quite curious if you really have considered all possibilities

    hi there could i get a reply on this please.

    Hello Chocobo!

    Thanks for taking the time to ask this question. We did consider many different options, including in-game workarounds like the one mentioned above. Unfortunately it turned out that implementing a solution like the one above would require more downtime than we were comfortable with (code update, patch, QA testing, etc). Very sorry that the rollback solution is not an optimal one.
  • dewiener
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    all the soul gold to get our base is gone.... the scrolls i got gone... you guys have fuucked up here bad... i believe there will be a boycot.... a guy that is willing to spend 4 to 500 dollars a week... you faggy little soul leaf gift you can ram up your ****... that is peanuts to what i spent... you guys are looking like crooks. if you screwed up... eat it.... but you have no idea what you are about to do.... roll back... and you will DESTROY THIS GAME..... GOOD LUCK FUUCKERS
  • Drachus - Eyrda
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    Question about how Immortal Rift will be affected:
    So bidding was on Thursday, and many guilds dumped a significant chunk of guild reserve into bidding. But wars were on Saturday... after the rollback time. So what will be up with these rifts? Will it count as a loss for those who bid or will it act as though no bidding occurred? Will guilds get refunded reserve for their bids? Or will it still count our wins from Saturday?

    So much screwed up about this...
  • Mysticmarks - Lionheart
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  • LumpySheep - Illyfue
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    They're refunding everyone, how's that greedy? .___. so now you have to actually work toget your char back to having 12/12 gear, wouldnt you of had to do that even if they had set the price correctly for the Nova packs? /)_o Some of you are BEYOND selfish...
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