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1. Do I NEED Alchemist and Cooking or would NPC/Guild pots and foods/drinks be enough

2. Also Weapon Smith, Armor Smith and Jewel Crafter are these worth getting to make my own gears or would shard sets and instance gears be enough for all things PVE related.?

3 . Crafting Question - is it a lot easier to buy crafts from other people rather than to make my own hoping for stats I want for my mage?

Thank you very much for the replies ^^
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    1. For healing purposes, npc pots from remedy dealer is sufficient. However, later on in game you might want to train your alchemy anyways because it will allow you to make fusion gems to increase your resistances. Also cooking is super easy to level and can cut down on how much Soul Gold you eat up with pots.

    2. Everything pve related (Even end game instances) rely mostly on skill. Also the set gears are really strong and cheap, arena gears are free (not that the blue set is great for mages) but you can easily buy cheap rings that are decent FAR cheaper than it would take you to make your own. Blue lvl 65 rings are less than 5-10g each for normal ones, and it costs a significant amount more to make those on your own.

    3. SAme as number 2, its going to be easier/cheaper to buy a level 70 one from someone else, unless you're willing to take the time to level up your job high enough to make one of your own, which can be costly.
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    Like Divine said, I would atleast attempt to get the necklace from the arena. It is free with decent attack and hp. In this game its always cheaper to buy things you could make unless you are the luckiest person alive. Not to mention I guarantee that you wouldnt be able to keep up making the same level gear for your toon.
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    thank you both very much for the insightful responses ^^