Eyrda Rewards got bugged?

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http://fw.perfectworld.com/eyrdarewards. Why i get no points lately, even after i do plenty of tasks. The last points i get is on January 13th, while it's said that this eyrda rewards page last time updated at February 14th. Is this a bug or there is a limit to gain points?
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  • Rhugiga - Storm Legion
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    Some tasks are only available once, while others can be done every day. Make sure that the tasks you are completing are the every day tasks. I just checked my rewards page, and I seems to be giving me my points. And that probably is the last day it was updated.....but that is today....
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  • tetleyteaman
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    Mine hasn't updated since 01/28/2013 as far as new points. I run Gods Trial regularly, do the Cooking & Alchemy Tutorials, Pray a bunch of times per day etc and nothing.
  • markemark2013
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    My character is lvl 34 now and not 1 Eyrda point has been awarded. Please stop telling people it's not bugged when it is.
  • Ronyon - Storm Legion
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    Hmm, looks like the last time I got points was Jan 29. I should have had points from most if not all the days between then and now, just from prayer if nothing else.
  • araexmorte
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    mine hasnt updated since 1/28 as well..
  • Anuea - Illyfue
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    Mine update 02/15/2013, but according to it I have not earned anything since 01/29/2013 which isn't right.