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Question on 12/12 fortify transfer

magikarp851magikarp851 Posts: 30 Arc User
edited January 2013 in General Discussion
I've decided to fortify transfer shard gear to high level gear as many do. I don't really want to experiment as this will already be an expensive task.

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere on the internet. I've looked. What is the optimal level shard gear to use? I see people most often referring to 30-39 gear and 40-49 gear.

If you can't tell me which is better, can you tell me what percentage 11/12->12/12 was and how much it cost you in Star Diamonds to transfer?
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  • Ronyon - Storm LegionRonyon - Storm Legion Posts: 417 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    30-39 gear has the best chance to succeed for 11/12 to 12/12 at 8% with 8 star crystals for armors. I haven't done weapon but someone told me they are 6% with 8 star crystals. 40-49 gear might have the same chance for success (haven't tested) but will cost more soul coins to upgrade which can be a problem for some people

    Star Diamond / Star Fragment amounts will vary for each piece you transfer. Chests are cheapest, weapons most expensive. The level you transfer from affects costs. If you have purchaser rewards that let you transfer to a higher level for free you should use it up to the highest thing you can before doing the final transfer.
  • semitrollsemitroll Posts: 79 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    (Ronyon ninja'd me, some of his points are repeated in here XD)
    It depends on your purchaser reward level: lvl5 can fortify-transfer without costs to any gear lvl64- (must have same color as original one).
    So here is what I did when I changed to champion set (purchaser reward lvl5):
    - transfer blue lvl77 gear to blue lvl30 gear (farmed from mLH): free
    - fortify lvl30 gear to 12/12 (8% chance, so around 100 star crystals *on average* to get from 11 to 12)
    - transfer blue lvl30 gear to blue lvl60-64 gear (farmed from outer cata): free
    - transfer blue lvl60 gear to purple lvl77 gear. Weapon cost me 18 star diamonds + 10 star frags iirc, other gear was cheaper.

    Shard gear is "light blue", so not the same color as normal blue, free transfer is not available with that.

    Lvl30 is the gear with the lowest fortify costs to 12/12, chance is 8% to get from 11 to 12.
    Lvl50+ (or was it 60+ ?) has only 4% chance, and much higher cost in soul gold (or real gold if you use unbound gear).

    If you cannot use the free fortify transfer, transferring from lvl30 to 70+ will be more expensive than from lvl40 to 70+. Transferring gray to purple will also be more expensive than blue to blue.

    So in short, the best solution depends on your purchaser reward level and how much soul gold you have.
  • magikarp851magikarp851 Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    Thanks guys.
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