Mage lvl 80 skill - Absolute Field

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Well i say this on begining - why using this skill mage silence self also ? Assasin can silence without any disadvantages, warrior can silence, how ? And i never find in any RPG system mage who silent self when using this kind of spell.

Any idea why we mages can't make petition to devs about change this ?
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    Absolute field is an AOE silence so it works on multiple people at once as opposed to the sin's which can only silence one target before they regenerate their orbs. When using it in 1v1 I suggest that you use the skill in order to get the opponent to stop attacking for a few seconds if they are heavy CC and you are running low on wrath. When in a group setting like 6v6 or 12v12, it silences multiple people and unstealths any sins that are within range. You would be supprised at how much this can help when use at the right time.

    There is no point to petition it, even if we did Nothing would be changed any time soon. We do not see any class changes that teh Chinese version doesn't get, and those aren't until 4-6 months after they get it. Any petition now would only yield changes about a year from now.
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    Only a non human mage would complain about

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