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Red/blue base in 12v12

miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
edited November 2012 in Suggestion Box

I dont know why but in 12v12 blue base is just horrible compared to the red one.

From the red you can exit from all sides, even the back to sneak past the usual OP camping the front, so not really a problem escape the "blockade".

From the blue? you can actually just exit from the front or the left, the right one, idk, think happened to me like 2 times to manage to reach the top of the mountain instead of falling in that passageway below that take you in the front (rdy to get killed by the lot of op wth RH) , back exit in blue dont exist at all...

That can make 12 v 12 pratically ridiculous, just this evening we won 1 game at like 3000 vs 200, the system itself messed up seen in fact all the strongest was on our side, but even more than that, with just 2 exits to camp no way for the blues to leave the base, only sins was able to do. (and ofc in 2 and alone wasnt able to do nothing).

There's often some difference in firepower betwhen squad but point is, if blue squad is more powerful you can still win with flags, if red squad is more powerful there's pratically nothing you can do, except feed maybe so will end faster.

So will be nice have aswell in the blue base the chance to exit from all side and be able to sneak past blockades :3


FatPris lvl 80 prot Illyfue
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  • Darksiren - Storm LegionDarksiren - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    I concur. The bases in 12v12 are not balanced. However there is one down side to the red base that few have discovered. There is a way up and into the red base from below which cant be done for the blue base. A very OP AoEer on the blue side can get into the red spawn and AOE everyone as they ressurect, before their HP even regenerates, effectively shutting down the entire red side. I'm underpowered, so I sure as hell am not giving details to end up leading to my even greater slaughter.

    Both the blue lack of exits and the red re-entry need to be fixed.
  • zergdummyzergdummy Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    dun forget red base = slope on base, flying orbs, blue cant keep up rh by camping becuz they cant pick the orbs.

    red can easily camp blue while keeping rh perma aslong as blu keeps coming out.
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