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Well After hunting around the site and other builds I though of Something like this using those I found and fixed to something more of my play style. Would this work or did i break it, I very much like the support/Healing of the bard class to I want to try and optimize it. I don't do pvp so i didn't keep that in mind. Changed or Fixes? (on my last compass)
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    Why 1 point in zephyr instead of 5 in infuriate for the wind tree? 9 acc isn't that much when it only affects 2 of your skills. You'd get more out of a rune with ferocity of wind.
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    I agree with the person above me; that one point would be much better spent in Infuriate since you stated you want a support build. You might also want to put the one point you have in Lightblade Switch in Advanced Chant of Revival, unless you're going for an evasion build. And if you are going for that kind of build, you'll need to change the rest of the talent points around anyway.
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    You might also want to put the one point you have in Lightblade Switch in Advanced Chant of Revival

    Unfortunately this isn't possible if you're going to have 15 points in the Wind tree. You fall 1 point short of having enough to max Adv. Chant. If you try to take the point out of Lightblade Switch, you don't have enough in the Light tree to even get Adv. Chant.
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    You'll be apart from your party members upon rare occasion, so i find the increase on movements range rather disposable.
    Reduce CD on wind skills might help you in ur buff rotation.
    Defense is broken in game, so i wouldn't count much on those Majesty increase points u spent.
    Melody of Healing is a must have talent if you are a healing bard, everytime u cast Baptism u have at least 2 E chords up, so that's a 30% increase on ur baptism heal :)
    If you don't do PvP, imo, that Advanced Chant of Revival is also disposable since ur baptism should tick right after ur rez, giving those 15% or even more HP of the target.
    Apart from that i got nothing to point out i think... but i'll leave ya with a possible alternative to this build of yours.

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