which server should i join!!!!

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Hey i just started playing this,its downloading right now but i was just wondering what sever i should join.

And does "forsaken world" have a good player base?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Bellzeba - Storm Legion
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    If you're looking for a heavy populated server, you should join the (EAST) Storm Legion Server or (WEST) Lionheart server. I'm currently in the Storm server and I absolutely love it. Plenty of friendly and helpful people and a great playerbase too

    But it all depends what you want, I just recommend the Storm Legion ;)
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  • Gvantsa - Eyrda
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    Come join Eyrda. We're the cool kids. It's a PVP server though. Keep that in mind when picking a server (if you want a PVP or PVE server)
  • IExorcism - Storm Legion
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    join east storm lotssa nice people :)
  • blahblahblah94
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    hello im new to this game too, and id like to know if i join a PvE server that means there is no PvP there?? thank you for your answers.
  • _Yalina_ - Storm Legion
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    There is arena, and a 12v12 battleground, as well as some guilds having another battleground once a week, so there is some PVP :)
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  • CuteNDeadl - Storm Legion
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    The only thing that differs between a PvP and a PvE server is that theres no open world PvP on PvE servers.
  • lamesquirel
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    Choose PvE.

    Why not PvP? Well with a PvE server you can do everything you can do in a PvP server, except get PKed. Until you know the game more, you might as well choose PvE. PvP servers are just high levels PKing new players for "giggles".

    It is hard for players that know the game, let alone the fact that experienced players can have trouble on PvP servers do to PKers.

    If you decide on PvP, before or at 30 i recommened being in a guild because 30 you can start being PKed.
  • goodmorningm8
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    I would suggest a PVP server, because pve is boring, and is no fun in this game. :D
  • Chaotikiss - Eyrda
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    PVP is what makes this game. Join Eydra. pve servers get boring when you get to higher levels. There is no competition and no reason to be stronger than other players. I'n a pvp server you can go out with a group of friends and seek revenge on someone who was trolling or acting like a noob. I am a lvl 78 and I have only had someone pk me for no reason 1 time. All of the rest were agreed upon battles and such. Most people aren't just going to kill you for no reason because they will get a red name.:D
  • Monotonous - Storm Legion
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    join storm