Same sex embrace/carry

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Since it seems anything suggestive of gayness (Barry quests anyone?) will make the Chinese devs have spasms, why not make a piggy back style (totally non **** looking) 'embrace'?

Thing is it's not just a cute gimmick, especially on the last part of ANC. It can have actual uses; namely a skilled player carrying someone who keeps falling off which can only be done with opposite sexes right now.

So just make it look different.

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    I LOL'ed so hard.

    I mean don't get me wrong, as the premier homosexual player on Storm, I'd LOVE same-sex embracing, but I know from experience - both here and way back when I played PWI - that there's really no hope of ever seeing such a thing in any of these games. It doesn't matter how hard you push for it, or how much you beg, etc. etc. you get the idea. It simply wont happen, as unfortunate as it is.

    Points for being clever though :P
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    Here comes the dark days for dwarfs because they can't sue protectors for squashing their family due to the fact that the lost loved ones said yes to embracing the giants. We will not remember them as fools, but those few who were brave enough to step to the great challenge, yet failed to survive. Cheers in memories for them!
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    you should look at the threads for same sex marriage and you'll see why same sex embrace is as likely as same sex marriage on here
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