Soul Gem Issue

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Its one thing to make a component rare, and its another thing when its so rare that one can't even enjoy the profession. People are literary hawking the auction house in hopes of buying them up (which the established do) and there are just too few to go around...

The component needs to be based off a percentage of know like you did for the other professions......
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    So this is why I have seen such stupidity for a level 1 crafting item.

    No way is it worth it.

    I have a miner that did a lot of mining, passed the ores off to my Artisan that has yet to make anything and then went to check out Soul Gem Lvl 1 in the AH.

    The damn things started at almost 3 Gold and higher which got me to check the forums.

    As I have posted before in a thread, **** coding and sloppy game play, issues that will kill off the population of players.

    If I keep the Artisan, will just make loads of medals and the like and flush them like a GM, and if anyone but a guildie wants something, I Don't Think So.

    Good luck finding these items with a broke back game design of cash shops and crossed fingers.