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    Apropos funny kittens...


    Don't forget to look at the head of the kitten :D
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    Omg, Sendel, u need to post any screen of our talk?

    Just to let u know, i'm not regretful bout anythyng i SAID or done. Also, it doesnt matter, i NEVER failed in ToK since i started to do it with mature people with, SOMETIMES, **** gear as well, but work together as one.

    Everyone in our pt tried to give a chance to what I said (bout backroom, which I learned with very pro people who never fail ToK, and im NOT including myself in it) and u said "No, I wont do ****, nah nah nah" qq emoraged left pt.

    Seems people around are gonna SS u if u say anything on this server...

    i wish i had SSed:

    Sendel: "Do you have a problem with me? Realm 8"

    LOL come on, dude, do u think u need to prove anything? Sad for u.
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    Might not exactly be a video, but its pretty awesome.

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