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    New update old balance issues.

    Life as a mm continues to suck hard but who cares right?

    Quote for truth (tried QFT but too short a reply)
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    Unsticking this now, but leaving it open. I'll be giving everything stated here another pass, to make sure I haven't missed anything. Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated.
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    I dont really need new content unless its another pvp instance. I thought that was a very good addition to the game. But like arena, like rift, it still suffers from the same problems in that players will still dodge pvp to avoid getting farmed. If they could include an option for everyone to have equal stats just inside those instances, I think it would be a lot of fun and help turn those events more along the line of an e sport rather than who can grind or cash shop the longest.

    We can still give rewards to players who pvp for no other reason than to receive a reward. But that reward would have no positive effect inside a pvp instance. It would only boost stats in pve, pve instances, world bosses etc.

    Players who play the most often would still most likely win, but using someone else's analogy, the people who play the most often dont get the the advantage of having more queens and rooks on the chess board.