Does the "Fierce impact" stun works in PvP ?

Bagarre - Shylia
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying every build combinaison I can to get a correct Evasion pvp marksman
Today I'm using tripple talent tree (here is my build)

I would like to try the precision tree for Pvping on Mono target
The debuff skills and crit chance seems quite efficiant?

So, Does anyone know if the "Fierce impact" talent stun the target for 30s as it's said in description ?

Thanks everyone
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  • plusonecharisma
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    Yes Fierce Impact will sleep them for 30s but its a moot point since witha a 5 second cast time, you will almost always fail to get it off and and aoe or attack on the slept person will break the 30s sleep.

    BTW, your current triple tree makes no sense, Precision tree sux for PVP and a PVP EVA build is extremely expensive
  • Bagarre - Shylia
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    Tanks for replying so fast.

    I'am aware of the difficulty of casting skill with 5 seconds cast time.

    i don't think this skill is usable in pvp.

    About my talent tree, it make sense to me to max the Eva skills like Speed of fire and mist.

    When I skill those 2 techniques, i'm nearly immortal (360 Eva + 60 with fast action).

    Eva build is less efficiant than a purple arena stuff, But you'll never get a purple arena stuff without an Eva build ;)

  • Isock - Eyrda
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    the sleep is like 8-15 sec, and umm, why no switch to soul if you want to get more eva?(whit weaking cloud) and can also get the thing to reset soul resolution, unless you want the aoe skill too