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I just wanted to make a level 5 rune that's actually for my class, so I pick up 5 blue runes, all level 4, and I check to see if it says how many runemakers you need, it doesn't say. so I buy 1, just in case it's a humongous number.

lucky me, turned out it's 15 runemaker scrolls (900 leaves) for changing class on a rune. that's more than a rune level 5 is worth on AH!

They already made runes be random on skill and soul power buff, at least let me pick this one thing so I can actually use it, otherwise rune combining is pretty much useless..

So fair warning to you all, 15 runemaker scrolls!
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    Most here know.

    The trick is simple enough. Don't buy the rune makers. Sell the rune if it is for a different class. Use the money to buy the rune you want from the AH. Even better yet, get with friends and as you all make runes trade them around.

    There, you just saved a ton of zen.
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    I personally dont make lv5 runes anymore. Runemakers are too expensive for the quantity needed and too many of the runes will never sell since they have poor skills or quality. Hell, I have all but stopped making lv4 runes as well. What is the point gambling on a rune crafting when the majority of the time it wont have a skill or quality better than the Charged lv3 runes you probably already got slotted.