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Champion's tournament.

Krogyn - NyosKrogyn - Nyos Posts: 12 Arc User
edited July 2012 in Nyos (PvP EU)
Hi all, nice to meet you. first of all sorry for my bad english ;)
Now, i can start to talking about an idea i have. i have start the registration for 8 class tournament. it is all simple. every class will fight in the proper tournament so mms vs mms, sins vs sins etc etc... so there are 8 tournaments and at the end 8 champions!
The winner of each class will gain a prize in gold (there is a fee, the prize the golds of all the class partecipants). i think i will try to make some others guild war events and more in the future, i don't know. need to see how work this idea first >.<

First i start talking about the type of tournament, later i will write the rules.

Type of tournament:

if there are a lot of guys:

the tournament will be a direct elimination type. each class will fight in his tournament and the players will can't heal them self out the match. so if a cser will lost a lot of hp in a difficolt previus match isn't no sure that he will can kill the next opponent (cser or not). if he want to heal himself, he can do it only during the match so the enemy will gain an advantage (2-3 sec for try a stun and kill the enemy isn't bad no? :D).

if there aren't a lot of people.

the tournament will be a Win/draw/lost points system tournament. simple and fast ;)

- Pay the fee of 2g
- Pet's buff allowed
- All skills allowed
- no mana and health potions during the match.
- if you aren't in the place of the tournament during your turn you will lose (1 min of 30 min of **** are the same.)
- all level allowed (but think to what do you do a lv 35 vs a lv 80 is fun only for the lv 80 xD)
- you can use more then 1 alt, need to pay the fee. (only one character for class)
- more rules can be add in the future when i will got the player list. (i can got some good idea later no? >.<)

when all the 8 tournaments will end, and all the champions will gain their gold, there will be a "celebrative" match whit no reward (only for fun) all vs all from the 8 champions of each class at the same time. lets see who is the more strong! :D

for the registration send a pm to me on the forum or in game whit name, class and level. when i will got all the player i will give a day for start

that's all i think. for more info or questions ask to me here or in pm in game (pm Krogyn).

Player registered at this moment 16.
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  • Ginius - IllyfueGinius - Illyfue Posts: 2,509 Arc User
    edited July 2012
    Well there are several things that makes this kind of tournament, at least how you want it, useless.

    First thing is that in 1vs1, the heavy Csers get a very clear advantage, even more than in 3vs3, 6vs6 or rift where the teamplay can somehow, compensate sometimes, which is good.
    However in 1vs1, there is no teamplay at all, and you can't do a lot vs another toon hitting twice hard as you, even if you time your skills better (except for an idiot hitting on BoR or vs a prot invicibility buff or so).

    Second thing is the way ppl are built would rend this kind of tournament useless.
    For example someone sacrificing everything to get accu vs another one in the same class (like warrior, mage or any other class not eva based) would be at a disadvantage or would have to have a second set/build.

    To make it better, in this kind of tournament, everyone should have the same gears but this is not gonna happen here :p
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  • Krogyn - NyosKrogyn - Nyos Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited July 2012
    Well, I'm sure that if I created a tournament like that proposed by you, for "balance" using your term, all the cser would create only one or two partys, and it is normal, and then how it would all balanced state? However, I appreciate your opinion, thanks for having shared with all who have read the post. >.<

    Have a nice day! :D and remember guys, i wait the registration message in game or here! :D
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