Flying quests bug

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So apparently I should have 5 flying quests each day, however if I do the listening device quest first it takes up all 5 attempts. If I start with the balloon bonanza one first however, I can do both the quests.
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  • greyjoykraken
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    from another thread about dailies:
    Both Nightfall Daily Quests and Daily Flying Quests have a limit to how many can be done per day. You get one per day, and they stack up to 7 for each day you do not complete them. The quests can also only be done once per day, so even if you have 7 Flying Quests available, you will only be able to perform each quest once per day. If you are able to do more than the limit, then yes that is a bug, and we'll get it fixed at some point.

    getting that out of the way (seems like a lot of people are confused about how that works...), it sounds like you're saying you have 5 Flying Quests available according to your system menu, which would mean you should be able to do both Ear of the Storm and Balloon Bonanza! during a one day period regardless of order, but that if you do the Ear of the Storm first, it's locking you out of the Bonanza. If that's the case reply letting me know that and we'll look into it, as that is not how those quests should work as far as we know.
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    I have the exact same problem - except..if I take EITHER Eye or Balloon - it will stop the other from working.