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Warrior Or Priest?

nexamistnexamist Posts: 9 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Class Discussion
Which class is more fun, and can offer a different play experience than a Vampire? I'm only playing to classes, I have chosen the vampire as my first class(Dark branch) Should I build a Warrior or Priest next? (PVP and soloing Oriented)
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  • nexamistnexamist Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    any help please? :D
  • thethibaultthethibault Posts: 85 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    You bumped less than an hour later.... really?

    Also just make both of the new classes, its a free game and does not take long to get to lvl 50+. Play each one for 2-3 days and pick which you like better. Here you will get both PRIEST IS THE BEST!!! and WARRIOR IS THE BEST!!!
  • Ashaw - EyrdaAshaw - Eyrda Posts: 1,127 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Priests are a good class to choose and so is a Warrior. do what the guy above said.
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  • nexamistnexamist Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    BUMP I Don't want to make both classes :p and I have already read the guide. I'll take personal opinions about. WARRIOR/PRIESTS are better if these people would tell me why
  • Falchoir - LionheartFalchoir - Lionheart Posts: 303 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    This is an extremely subjective topic. Both classes are good in different ways, play different roles- neither is "better" than the other. You are the only one who will be able to tell what's best for you, as the other posters said. Case in point: I used to think bard was a lame class and that being a priest was my destiny. The opinions I read seemed to support this, and it wasn't until I actually tried playing a bard that I realized otherwise.

    In a nutshell:
    Warrior = Bash things up close and survive a lot of damage.

    Priest = Heal everything (if divine), or if you're rebel or glacial, bash things from afar and off-heal.

    Which one sounds more appealing to you?
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  • im2gr84uim2gr84u Posts: 695 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Why are you even "Warrior or Priest "? Both different play styles... facepalm~

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