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A few beginner question

fastman92fastman92 Posts: 1 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Beginner's Guide
i started playing yesterday and leveled up to 27 in a few hours is it really that easy?

and another thing the mobs that im fighting shold match my level or be higher/lower?
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  • Nyxa - Storm LegionNyxa - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    fastman92 wrote: »
    i started playing yesterday and leveled up to 27 in a few hours is it really that easy?

    and another thing the mobs that im fighting shold match my level or be higher/lower?

    yes it will be easy since there is 3xp in the game

    normaly they should be at your level, but with the 3xp they will be off...it will even itself out later at higher levels
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  • Ashaw - EyrdaAshaw - Eyrda Posts: 1,127 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Its not that easy.

    1-30 is easy. This is because, this is the tutorial part and they want you to get some Talent Points.

    Now after 30 things get difficult.

    With the 1x EXP, God's Trial is your best friend. With 3x... its like HEAVEN. Especially if you get into a mentor GT (God's Trial).

    Unfortunately i got a job so i just AFK train my warrior from 34-42... takes about 2-4 days (not afk training 24/7) but, it does pick up later in game. So around level 45+ you will st art to see the diffrence. Going from 5-10 levels a day, to 0-2 levels a day.

    GT when ever you can!
    you can use your frozen EXP for
    "Exp Aid" - when you recieve EXP, this simply gives you more exp. Kind of like 2x EXP but a little diffrent.
    "Trial exchange" - lets you do more then 2 GTs in a day. on Ashaw (before i stopped playing im). I did 4 GTs in 1 day. Went from 20-31 Then i ran out of funds (didnt do Life in harbor)
    "Era" - im not 100% but i think it just gives you how much EXP you choose from your frozen EXP... Not 100% sure though cause i haven't done this. You can only use once a week.

    Life in the Harbor -
    When you go buy pots or any item for him. It makes it quicker if you by enough for 2 of the quests. There is ALOT of repeats. These quests give you Soul Coins and great EXP.
    Class Choosing Guide -

    Race Choosing Guide -

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  • vicerine224vicerine224 Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    im new in this game... and i really dont get what u guys are talking about.. ahaha

    what about the job, AFK, and PVE, auto-attack mob.. ahaha pls help explain.. im have a lvl 20 mage by the way.. and what's the GT? how and where can i find it
  • Frostum - IllyfueFrostum - Illyfue Posts: 129 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    First off, this game has like brick wall-levels
    Starting from 45-50 that for some reason you hit it and it way harder to lvl.
    Then you hit lvl 70 and thats just like omg. But any how leveling is easy if you follow some simple steps;
    A) do Gods Trial instance(GT) if posible mentor gt(whic gives more exp), this is a mob killing instance, not too hard, it can be completed once a day, but if for any reason you Dont do it one day it stacks for the next one, up to 3.you can apply for it throu the T thing, or form a party and talk to San Juan(the npc around angeal temple). Always get a lionheart scroll for this.
    B) big guilds with bases have exorcism events(exo) usually once a week Per. Guild, this exos have 4 mini-quests to complete that grant huge exp. Note: you do not beed to belong to a guild to go to their exo, but you will need to pay 10 silver coins(tradable coin, not soul coin)
    You will only get exp from one exo a week.
    C)campfires; again, its a guild thing. You go to the base, stand there for 30 mins and get some Nice exp, its like an accelerated afk training(see next point). You can gain exp from a campfire once every day. Its free to at tend to. There are 3 lvl of campfire, the lvl 3 one gives the most exp.
    D)away-from-keyboard(afk) training: not too hard, just go talk to Your reputation agent and park on the training zone, as long as you stay there you wil slowly gain exp over time.(perfect if you wanna go to sleep or smthings)
    E)era; every time you do life in the harbor quest, PVP arena, exos etc, you will be rewarded dedication points, once you have 80 points, go talk to an npc thats next to a guard and has a floating book at his side(i think his name is dontell, or somthkng like that)he will give you a big chunk of exp.
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