Anybody else mad at nightfall?



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    I love the soul power gates they add a bit of challenge to the game but maybe they should be extended to 12h instead of 4.

    There is nothing challenging about them, and some of the quests force you to log on at odd hours of the day just to do them, especially bad cause you only have 4 hours to do so. None of the things they ask you to do are challenging.
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    Just because you don't have significant effects for your class/build/tree with rune energy trees doesn't mean others don't. Isn't it obvious that the OP trees/classes get the least stuff out of runes? That's kinda the point.

    Like, if I was actually playing a light bard for PvP I'd have to max this tree ASAP.

    I don't like their way of balancing things. They never nerf stuff, they just ADD new stuff. Only obvious problem, like here, is that this "new" stuff is incredibly hard to get, where the previous OP classes remain OP without the extra effort. Not cool, not cool at all.
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    There is nothing challenging about them, and some of the quests force you to log on at odd hours of the day just to do them, especially bad cause you only have 4 hours to do so. None of the things they ask you to do are challenging.

    i agree. how are soul gates challenging?
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    There is nothing challenging about them, and some of the quests force you to log on at odd hours of the day just to do them, especially bad cause you only have 4 hours to do so. None of the things they ask you to do are challenging.
    That's exactly the challenge, having to complete them fast in an order... why do you think it even mentions you must do it in order etc?

    There's an achievement if you complete a dragon order in 8 minutes as party leader. That's definitely something extremely challenging, the mobs can't kill you, grinding doesn't require anything spectacular, but doing it in time is the challenge...
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    i agree with some of the stuff you are saying but mainly with the TOK instance... it is ridiculous at how easy it is to do TOK.

    There is absolutely NO stratgety to teh bosses in there at all quick is very different to AShardmode and GOS (not that they are hard)

    all the bosses are tank and spank and what a joke biggs is... questions? generic after about 5 runs

    wade's fishing, ghostfang, dusk all instances that pretty much make any class that doesnt aoe useless (im a mage so im not just saying that because i cant aoe)

    they had so much potential with this patch i was hoping that TOK would take at least 1month to finish (csers can finsih it straight away for all i care) but at least make the game enjoyable not just the same grind every day...
    and with the new patch just more things to do in a day... how pathetic.

    cant wait to see the max exodus when d3, gw2, tera comes out oficially. Guess it is true though f2p games only really last a max of 2 years
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    My old MMO is already at its 3 years and I think PWI too so wrong :P

    and I heard Biggs is actually supposed to have all boss abilities but he's bugged.
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    My old MMO is already at its 3 years and I think PWI too so wrong :P

    and I heard Biggs is actually supposed to have all boss abilities but he's bugged.

    when i say 2 years.. i mean 2 years and the majority of the updates and stuff are liked by the community. of course games will last longer but how much of the population is still around

    if the boss is actually meant to have all the skills then it will finally be difficult.. but still the bosses before that take no skill at all if you do enough damage.

    and even if they do manage to fix biggs damage is done weapons are abundant now. it will be like the arena thing they will say sorry and just brush it off.
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    I hated ToK. Probably because the first time I did it I was with a party of a bunch of dumbasses. Complete noobs, I might add. Yes, let's charge a boss and get your priest stuck in the god damn door with 5k mana. Oh yeah, and tell her to spam Angelic Harmony when she's got a friggen' 12-second cooldown. I don't have pointy ears, I'm not a god damn elf like your bard. JEEZ.

    The one thing that pisses me off the most is the gear, however. Not only does the set gear not benefit divines (which by the way are the most common in PvE... ijs) but at the same time you can't reforge old set gear. It's ONLY new gear. And that new gear is al lv 77+. So I can't reforge any of my warrior's gear until she's lvl 77, so she's stuck with all the old stuff. And my priest? Full Transcendant refined to 9, with wings, and what do you know... I'm still stuck with it. I haven't changed simply because I don't want to lose the heal effect and crit heals from my gear, the latter of which have saved asses more than once against WBs and in various instances.

    The runes and rune trees are a pain, too. Runemakers aside and whatnot, although they work very similar to gems, they're still a pain. I like the fact that I can get talents from other trees (Aqua Bestowal for a Divine priest, anyone? :P ) without having to put points into that tree, but even still, the fact that you have limited rune slots in terms of colour for your tree is insanely irritating.

    OH LOOK! Runes, another thing the game can overcharge priests for. My purse suddenly feels very, very light. Did I mention I'm still missing scrolls because I'm broke? Oh yeah, I actually put work into my gear, so my scrolls are suffering for it. Seriously... Already got the most expensive scroll ingame, ten bucks we'll have the most expensive rune ingame as well. (I know, most classes do have their own expensive scroll, like a warrior's Lightning Wings or vamp's Blood Rite, but honestly? My warrior friend still paid less for LW1 and LW2 than I paid for AH1 ALONE.)

    And yeah, I agree on the nerfing. Some classes are just hilariously OP (water bards, anyone? You seriously shouldn't be able to loldrain mana that much. 2k per attack is ridiculous especially considering the CDs on their attacks). Or even frost mages? Freezes every few seconds so people can just sit there and gank you? Yeah...

    They screwed up the new arena, too. I can be sitting at 1k scores and get 2k+ teams at 70+. I know you want to match levels, but seriously, give me something to get my god damn score up. Sick and tired of getting nothing but madass CSers that kick our asses and just keep dropping our score. I also think they shouldn't make it based on the party leader's score, either, because it's just stupid as hell to see people with 2k+ scores and someone with a score under 1.5k as their party lead, queueing just so they can get lowass-scored teams.
    wade's fishing, ghostfang, dusk all instances that pretty much make any class that doesnt aoe useless

    I agree, somewhat. Ghostfang isn't too bad, because if your morale starts dropping you can send your tank (I usually use a mostly-ele warrior for it) to go and solo the lieutenants, provided they have enough DPS to make a difference. Not to mention it's good for when you're first beating down the door, too. Haven't done much of ToK/Wade's/Dusk to know about those as of yet.

    If it wasn't for my damn guildies and their epicosity, I'd probably be quitting right when D3 hits.
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    first off, i just want to say any of you who actually think/hope that these posts and complaints are actually going to change anything you might as well go cry in a corner now and save yourself the trouble of waiting.

    yeah you dont like the rune system, the benefits are terrible, and it takes forever to get runes and rune energy. I think that the talents for mage are almost all completely pointless. the only talents i see would be useful for all of hte trees so far totals one of the runes (the buff which extends ice barrier and heals me in it) the rest have either little to no combat benefit or are only used by that specific tree (which the mages will have it by then anyway). but if you think about it, those are additional attributes and bonuses to skills that pretty much didnt need a boost in the first place. of course they are going to make it hard to obtain the rune energy and decent talents. what would be the point of adding it if you get everything within a few weeks? even if the bonus is small. and really guys...if you dislike it to hte point where you want PWE to change it just dont bother with the system. you already think its worthless so just ignore it. if it really is as pointless as you say then there is no point to complain about it is there?

    if you think it takes too much time to be worth it, i think that you are just being impatient and have gotten used to how fast we really get everything in FW. you are forgetting that we have 3x exp...which, last time i checked the CN version didnt have it. that is there because it takes an insane amount of time to level when higher without it. some of the gear systems aren't designed to work with such fast leveling. i have been thinking about it for a while but didn't bother testing it till the Easter event. doing nothing but main quest and charlie tavern quests alone i got a brand new char from 1 to 35 in around 4-5 hours of half-assed questing while working on a project. not including henry's, GT, Exo, CF, and the many other exp dailies that this game has.

    the speed at which new players are leveling is another reason why they added the new gear at such great base stats (set stats are terrible for most classes IMO just a general benefit for multiple classes and doesnt come close to the benefits of the AS set bonuses i.e mage gear's +800 attack) because players are leveling so fast, they havnt had the amount of time that some of the long term players have had. they havnt had nearly as much time to farm for gold and gems. most of those players dont even have enough HP to survive the first two bosses of FP. if they cant even survive FP how are they supposed to be able to spend the time and instance runs needed to go through AS and GoS for the gear? adding the new as something that is easier to obtain is to help those new players as well as those who dont have the time to go through AS and GoS for the gear.

    for those newer players the higher level isntances which you all find to be easy are very hard for them. many of us have had the time to collect (or buy either with ingame coin or zen) gems to boost up stats enough to where these instances are like walks through a park. for players undergeared and lacking in gems, the third boss in ToK is lethal and nearly impossible to beat. remember, those instances are easy for you because you have the stats, many players dont.

    i personally dont mind the soul gates, they seem pointless now at lower vice/virtue levels but i have heard that the lvl 60 one is nearly impossible to do in 4 hours...just showing that they do get very challenging.

    well if you bothered to read this far i might as well say it anyway. obviously PWE cannot please everybody (mainly pleasing their wallets) but i know plenty of people who dont mind the update and only hate the constant crashes and loading data errors. i can guarentee that what i previously typed will not quell your anger and i am pretty sure that you were constantly thinking of counter arguments throughout reading it all. just remember this. PWE already has your money. you can stop paying but others wont. its like missing a raindrop in a storm. PWE has not, and will not care about feedback from users, despite how much they say otherwise. hoping for it to be changed is a waste of effort. if you truly dislike it you are much better off moving to a new game until the same thing happens there, to start the cycle over.

    o.o i feel like the PEZ of counter-arguing now
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    love the new tok gear lol. Its so similar to arena gear and most of the time better than boss purple gear drops. ive compared my hp against those who have arena blue and 8/10 times ive had better hp/... compared to last season arena purples im always just about 3-4k hp difference.

    I do feel bad for the people who took their time to farm those arena blues tho.

    Also the stupid rune energy thing is bull! how do they expect us to get 90 energy? taking forever to open up new rune slots and lvl my vice. Getting to lvl 60 then opening virtue and trying to lvl both would take like more than half a year.
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    I also went for 12/12 purple AS wep before update, costed me a lot.
    Now nightfall came out and new ToK set came too

    But ... I'm not mad about it, in fact it balances out the HUGE difference between gears a bit and gives all players a chance.

    I do agree on the rune part tho, that the energy should be increased for higher lvl runes.
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    I think nightfall was a double edged sword. It brought a lot of really good and bad aspects to the game. I agree that actual rune crafting could use a fix or two but the rune trees itself brought some awesome aspects to the game. The fact that you can tap into another tree even if it just more skill effect is such an awesome aspect. As a marble prot the rune tree brought very much needed attack speed reduction, base attack increase(first yellow passive), and more end game damage reduction later on. The base stats from the soul power are also a really nice addition considering it gives people who don't have a lot gems a chance to still get higher base stats. Extra stats in the game are not so hard to obtain anymore and they could be obtained without have to put any money into the game.

    I also enjoy the new ToK set considering as a tank the purple end game sets did nothing for me imo but the new set lets me have end game base stats with set bonuses that i could actually use (any good prot knows that dmg/crit dmg does in fact help you keep aggro) and I am grateful for that. Granted some people did work hard to get their champ sets but oh well. You have your set right? Let the rest of the community have good end game gear too. I think the new set helped to balance out the community and give non csers a chance at being end game. If you have all of your end game gear and are complaining about the new set than you are being selfish. Why wouldn't you want the rest of the community to be good as well? Yes the instance may have gotten a lot easier over time but what instance doesn't?

    I also enjoy what they did arena. I like the fact that I won't get my score destroyed if i have a bad day and they at least attempted to balance out the good from the bad. Now they base your current match off the last 10 matches you had. It's not a huge tweak but they are attempting to fix it. That is something in my eyes. Getting the score was never the problem it was keeping your score up when you were having a bad day. Now what they did with Rift/TW i do not really like. They could of changed the combat and added more dynamics to the actual war. In PWI they had the catapults which had to be maned by the right team in order for them to work. Why couldn't they add something like that to keep it interesting? Also they could of added more rewards for a guild actually gaining and winning these TW's. The system itself is still early so we shall see.

    I think the flying is just plain ol fun. Even at flying level 2 I enjoy flying around this game. The one thing about FW that i love is it's enviroments and the detail they put into the maps. Take the time out to actually explore and you shall see what I mean.

    Overall the patch has brought a lot of awesome features to the game. The constant crashing, random ups and down of the market, and people being butt hurt over the new gear will go away in time. I think PWE is really trying to open up the game and add new aspects to it that benefit the non csers a long with the csers. People should have some patience with the game and see where it goes. Well i'm done sharing my views on this. Can't wait to read some other posts!

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