Marble protector defense bug

PEZ - Eyrda
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For a while now, there has been a debuff affecting marble prots with talents affecting Counter Strike that reduces your defense when you log in or change realms. It's still here and seems to have been exacerbated by the Nyos/Dyos tree buffs. Now it stays indefinitely until you cast counterstrike, instead of going back to normal after 8 seconds like it used to do.


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  • greyjoykraken
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    Nice catch PEZ. I looked into this and found it's actually from the talent "Protection Mastery", and that the debuff gets worse for each point you have in the talent.
    We'll report this and hopefully get it fixed ASAP.
    Thanks for the report.
  • Unbrokenable - Lionheart
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    Woahz. I never noticed that before. Is there some talent in marble you need to have before that will occur?