Are Protectors useless at lvl 70+?



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    You have 1500 base defense but your base attack is going to be 4000+. That's 450 vs 800. Even if you place it at 1900 like you said that's only 570.

    The only way I'd consider that better is the buffs to Counter-Strike and Retaliation Aura.

    Another thing about defense is it just scales like **** compared to damage. A Ragefire IV gives 120, a Solarflare IV gives 45. That's just pathetic. There's no point in attempting to build up defense, even with Entrench.
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    and beside for any1 who thinks prots unnecssary .........simple plain advice quit playin a prot if u are playin one. or else quit takin them to party . problem solved yea?

    Amen to that im sick of people knocking prots just because they are not the "perfect" pvp class. If u know how to truly play a prot then you would know that in pvp we are beast u just have to target the right person and cc the **** out of em
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    I agree 100% prots are soo beast.
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