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  • YggdrasiI - Storm Legion
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    I think just describing something, I'd fall a bit short of how it felt the very first time it was experienced. So, I tried to write a story as one might in a book to try and share what I felt doing the twin zodiac bosses in Sleeping Jungle was like with your entire guild.

    Standing firm against the odds, the sound of weapons clashing against the sound of magic shining. Gasping for breath admist the humid jungle air, barely able to hoarsely shout to your comrade to flee before the one of the Storm Legion's champions can slaughter him. Whispers from the enemy try to deter us, yet our feet stay firmly planted when accused of turning against one another when a prize is at stake. Even when our attacks turn against us, we push all the more, testing the limits of every one of our tempered healers.

    Across the path, the twin champion threatens us with ice and the promise of sweet revenge. All engage in draining the fiend's source of power, whilst our rivals engage in assisting the demon. A stalemate is reached and we back down, letting the rivals try their mettle. Still upon the twin, we watch the ice fiend snicker and sneer, slowly, but surely gaining it's power back. When at last it has gained back all it lost, in one fell swoop, our rivals lay slain. Rallying once more, down comes one of the Storm Legion champions and a prize is claimed. Upon our steeds, we rush and fall upon the ice champion like a tsunami of steel and magic. It's power is drained, yet the fiend still calls upon a field of ice- all in vain. It, too, meets the fate of it's fallen brother and it's prize is claimed as well.

    Admist the sweat and uncomfortable heat, two new weapons of power are raised and we cheer. Not Storm Legion nor even our rivals can match our mettle.

    [YOU- drah- sil]
    If you want to shorten my name, don't call me 'Ygg.' Call me 'Mana.'

    Grandia: Unity ☆ Teamwork ☆ Friendship I][/I
    ~~~~~~~~~~{ Never get left behind again. }~~~~~~~~~~
  • VhaanVII - Storm Legion
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    I was just into 4 days of playing and i had just gotten tamer . I ended up in vydas tear to catch chained demons i went down into the center and saw the demon marshall and i figured heys its lvl 34 so am I ended up dying many times then my friends came a slaughtered it and thats how i ended up in my guild
  • picorin47
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    My most memorable moments the first time I could kill this monster in AC made ​​me super hard, I was spoiling the game and this made him again to make love to play. Now I hope the upgrade to continue playing forsaken world ...

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    karina03 wrote: »
    this one was one of my best moments

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  • zero1023
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    Skipped two days of school
    broke up with my girlfriend
    and almost got fired from work ... but
    i got to play the closed beta and got my vamp to lvl 32 ... worth it?

    and YES i would do it again:cool:
  • tuteng0603
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    this is how crazy people doing wb in eyrda server ., :p we're doing this for 2 months same people same faces :Dthts why ill proudly to share this pic as my memorable moment =p
  • tuteng0603
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    [IMG][/img][EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] this is how crazy people doing wb in eyrda server ., we're doing this for 2 months same people same faces thts why ill proudly to share this pic as my memorable moment =p
  • nalensmommy
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    The most memorable thing about Forsaken World. Is all the amazing and wonderful people i have met through out the months (almost a year now!) Some great friendships have been gained! Meeting so many wonderful people who are now people i talk to every day either in game or on the phone. Being able to play with those friends makes even the days that are crummy the best! And dont forget the wonderful random dance parties! Gotta love dancing with random people who end up friends !!!


  • Rhythem - Lionheart
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    Above all else, above everyone being silly, me laughing through instances, or helping other's with their hardships, One of my most memorable moments was, everynight i'd find my girlfriend, Fullmetal, who does play a boy, I'd find her in the training grounds sitting down, and i'd place myself next to her male character and make it look like he was holding Rhythem as they sat... <3 This was so cute i could not even... ; u ;

    <Forever with Fullmetal>

    Yes, my girlfriend is using a male character.
    Yes, we are both female. :3

    Rhythem - Lvl 80 Bard
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  • OddFinrir - Lionheart
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    Not appropriate?
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    Sounds weird but for me any day becomes a memorable moment by just playing this game, that's because each time i play this game, many different things happens in many ways that makes it memorable and unforgettable, but the most memorable moment i had in this game is when all my of my hard work, time and effort i spent in the game paid off.


    Back then when i was still a newbie player getting to know the game and has a character that has nothing, no mount, no pet, no friends at all. It was so difficult for me but that makes the game more interesting so i push my self to the next level played many times a day and after a year, i finally got the stuffs that i didn't have and i always wanted and most of all i earn lots of friends in the game and that's the most memorable moment for me seeing all the achievements i made to my character. That's All Thanks FW
  • SeilinHartneld - Eyrda
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    I think the most memorable moment of my forsaken life, was when I met my wifey....and the marriage packages finally came out...and we were the second couple on the Eydra server to get married.....

    Those were fun fun days....running around having some intense guild battles...sigh........too bad I work a lot now....
  • SilkyBreeze - Illyfue
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    My most memorable moment was when i decided to be glacial priest for few days.
    I really loved being glacial, thus their skills look so nice.


  • danilamia
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    My most memorable moment in Fw would have to be about a month ago. At the time I was in a guild a lvl 3 guild that i had been with and given my all to help out with. Every day that I was able to be online I would do my dailies etc. But there are things that had happened to me health wise and i was unable to let my guild leader know that i wasnt able to be on and so on. So when I was better i came back onto fw and was abused by the guild leader so i left and they abuse continued for awhile it really hurt especially with the state of mind that i was in at the time and with the fact that I had put so much hard work into helping my guildies and the guild. I decided not to worry about it and get on with my day. I went Into an instance OaC if i remember correctly, and the people that i had enetered with from the que. Who didnt even know me we're so kind to me and in ways sacrificed thier lives for me so that i could get through, which in the end helped me have enough stuff to sell on AH and Start my own guild.

    They say that kindness is rare and that there is more evil in the world then good but that day although bad in ways was amazing in others and gave me the will not to let one bad experience ruin the game for me and made me realise that there is more good then bad In the forsaken world.:D

    Happy gaming :D
  • xtiapeex
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    Actually i Got A Few Memorable Moments in FW! Like Killing a 2Hour WB , like kinda Became a Lilttle Famous With my Alts Having a Similar name With my Main So People Always say " are you xTiapeex"?? lol, thats comforting cause you know People Knew you! Getting Aggro Most of the Time even when theres a Heavy Cash Shoper on Party makes me feel good too! But the Most Memorable was When After i got my Mentor Points and Hit that Box well Whadya Know, i got a "Biker Pants" lol! Hell Theres only 3 in the Server that has it so its like 3 in the server out of thousands or even millions Playing FW! Gotta Be Lucky! Reaaaaal Lucky!photo.php?fbid=354820091218928&set=a.271723296195275.71765.100000728199976&type=3&theater
  • Ilor - Lionheart
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    da little larex .... just "tuti"
    playing with da sexy larex ...


  • Atyllene - Lionheart
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    This is one of my favorite moments, as a priest i lack of strength to fight bosses, a person left the party and boss with like 15% life left killed all my teammates. I was left alone and wasn't strong enough to fight and as Lv 65+ people know, AC is a really big instance for my teammates to resurrect and come and rejoin the fight. I started fighting the boss and actually was able to beat him and got the instance cleared for all the team :)
  • PochiLeg - Storm Legion
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    bugging spark burst like a bauce 8D

    i've only gotten 2 consecutive god-of-wars legitly :P (7 kills in one match)
  • Artheah - Eyrda
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    My most memorable moment in Forsaken World was when I joined my favorite guild "Heaven" and made many new friends...and went questing with them to the Ruins of Glory...The place there was extraordinary...the view was the most amazing landscape you could ever see in a virtual was perfect. It felt like you were part of the game when standing on one of the towers looking at Eyrda. :)

    [IMG]http://2012-03-24 00-29-54 (2)[/IMG]

    Sorry If the picture dont come out...I cant post it here for some reason :(
  • Aishleen - Eyrda
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    Sorry If the picture dont come out...I cant post it here for some reason :(
    Upload your pick to or something similar and then use the link they send you in the [ IMG ] tags ;)
  • katy336
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    Memorial moment? I'm sure it was not just one. I am only level 30, but just know that i have lots of fantastic moments. I do not take this either as competition, but rather I must say that FW is the only game that I can play from morning to evening. I am a girl who loves fashion, and even you can not imagine how pleased me your armor. I do not know who's fiction, but it's amazing and beautiful! I am not able to decide for one avatar. Another thing is the community. Never forget the girls from my country. As soon as I came into the game found me a couple of people and explain to me the details. It's nice that even high levels are Helping us. This does not happed in other games, and these people are my proof that i mmorpg game can have a great community. I had the honor to play with them on various dungeons and events. But my most memorable thing was when I started talking in the game with one czech and we went together perfectly! Eventually we started to call with Skype. I found out that he lives near me. And we go out together and I just love it. Forsaken World So thank you!!

    As I said I am a relatively small lvl and I believe that i will a lot of interesting moments later. But these "little things" means much for me and I look forward to the next play. Wish that i will meet lots of another super guys. (Mabe get married??? :D:D )

    So nice to meet u forsaken world community!

    Katherine ****
  • OOSarinaOo - Illyfue
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    This is the most memorable moment for me the skills that I always save the life!
  • th3godofwarr
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    My most memorable moment was when i created my sin :D because this is my first MMO and didnt know much about classes in FW but the kindred assasin race got my attention .
  • finalconflict
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    Memorable moment:

    Playing Nightmare Carnival, third stage. And FAILING big time.. We where on team speak, already laughing big time about our weird appearances from the carnival weapons (jumping around like a jelly squid makes you do that).. But then suddenly we starting turning into these Holy Jesus figures (yes.. the old man with the gray beard and the long whit-ish robe).. From that moment we failed NC almost..

    Dwafs are still one point and protectors are still three. even in those forms.. Since none of us paid big time attention to the points on the circles (holy jesus (dwarf) + holy jesus (elf) + 2 goblins makes 6 right??) we failed like 10 times before we could continue to the next phase. Prot forgot that he was three points so many times we had 1 point too much on a circle, or we forgot that I was only one point so we had times that we had 1 point less..

    We did finally made it.. it took us some time.. but it was well worth it.. And that is what makes this game a great game.. These moment with friends all over the world just having fun.. There where many more of these moments but this one was the best FAIL we had..
  • krjw21
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    Getting my first ever Bloodstone III ! happydays
  • Optimushax - Eyrda
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    I stumbled on Forsaken World while I was skimming through Steam to find another game that would probably keep me busy for a few weeks. However the more I played the more I wanted to play. I actually dedicated some time to think of my "MOST" memorable moment (as I do have a lot), but i couldn't decide. The fact is every significant moment in my characters timeline has been wonderful.


    Let it be the times I leveled, found a new map, joined an instance the first time, dueled for endless hours in Freedom Harbor, trash talked in the safe zone, made my own guild, made friends, killed people with guildies, got "wish card" quests 4 times in a row from Henry or even simply Advanced Training to level that half a bar of experience, i couldn't decide what was more important than the rest because everything has been enjoyable so far.

    However I'm can say I cant wait to add the new updates from Nightfall to my list of Memorable Moments.

    Thanks Forsaken World.
  • robertxx32
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    The most memorable moment was when i walked around the kindred starting area. I came to a place so beautiful i was breathless.

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