Life In the Harbor

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I decided to upload a tiny bit of my short story on here to see what people have to say. Constructive criticism and any other comments are greatly appreciated. Please and thank you, hope you enjoy this tidbit!

It was mid-October. The air was chilly, quite crisp but not to the point of frigid cold. Surprising for October here in this area. A place where great amounts of people gathered and socialized. Diversity decorating every corner a pair of eyes could reach. They mingled, back and forth; a blob of colors. Some fought; weapon to spells. Some danced; bright disco lights over their heads as they swayed to the rhythm in their hearts. Life and fire burned in their hearts. You could see it as they shouted to the world, conversing in their own conversations; directed so knowingly to the receivers that it seemed like they spoke a foreign language. This was beautiful.

Of course there are the newcomers. Fresh off the boat, they say. In this case, the focus would be the lovely young vampire stalling at the boarding dock. Fresh blood wafted off of her. She was a tiny little being compared to the huge city that engulfed her effortlessly. Though, her eyes burned with determination: to find her place in this uncaring mob. Carefully, she approached Freedom Harbor. A few strides up ahead stood Henry; the bald geezer also known as her guide. A deep breath in, a deep breath out. She was on her way to a new future.
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