Minor Issue in Mail

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sorry if this has been addressed but I have a minor issue that has been bugging me. When I send or receive mail, if i use the letter "s" the game instead changes it to an asterisk. is there a way to correct this issue? I'm guessing it's probably some type of coding language bug.

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  • IMBALANZE - Lionheart
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    s in the text or subject or receiver name?
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    Personally when I mail to my bank character that has an "s" in it, it never changes or gliches up not sure why its doing that for you. But yeah would be nice to know exactly where in the mail its messing up at just as imbalanze mentioned.
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  • Redlace - Storm Legion
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    This happens to me on occasion as well. It happens in both the title and message lines. Will try to make a screenshot of the next mail and send it up. Not a major problem, but I can see where it could be - if the mail was important and yet unreadable.