Torned Between Blood Vamp or Devine priest ?

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Hello Everyone,

As for Right now I have a question about Priests/Vampires

I like being a Healer and I do fully enjoy it, I've tried Bard before as it seemed very interesting but I'm just going to say " I'm tired of the people thinking that only Light Bard is the only good Bard " that is ubber bull ****. This is what drove me away from being a Bard Even if I want to be a healer I find it pretty unfair how Rude people are to non healer Bards, not even Glacials/Rebel/Dark/Inferno Vamps are that dissed. But oh well back to my point.

I Had played Blood Vamp and Devine priest up to lvl 35 and I absolutely loved them, but each has it's pros and cons for me.

As for Devine priest I must say it was extremely fun (I have no idea if I'm spelling Devine (Divine) Right so excuse me for my evil Typo)

- My heals were greatly appreciated in the parties.

- I wasn't as Squishy as a Bard (Which I loved ) Knowing most priests are ultra Squishy in mosts MMO

- The buffing was lovely and much more easier than Bards (Not trying to diss Bards Btw )

- I am a very visual Player and I like to see what I wear and how flashy my movements/spells are (thus why Bard was my first option ) and Priest seemed to fullfill it all

But there were some major problems with my priest, first of all I am starting to see a huge population of high lvl Priests, How big is the priest population in higher lvls ? I know I won't have trouble finding parties but Meh..Is not fun to watch thousands of you running around. I am also very concerned about the soloing capability of the priest, I have noticed I at least go from 50 to 60 % less dmg than most classes and I know soloing can be accomplished with a good pet, if so what lvl 30 pet is recommendable ? I have green scarab with iron bone and green chained demon.

As for vampires I know there are a lot running around, but I notice there is a huge decrease of vamps as you lvl up I prolly have seen 2 or 3 lvl 60+ vamps around in my whole gameplay.

What I wanna know, will the priest get better at soloing at some point ? I am very focused on PVE and I love it that way ! so...being able to solo fast and nice is a part of that.

There are some cons as vamp.

- I don't really feel my heals are appreciated enough and everyone seem to think that just because I'm playing a vamp I am automatically a noob and an easy target to kill (Wrong wrong wrong :D i hope you noticed when I killed you that fast player ) Will this hate against vamps will go onto higher lvls ?
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  • Orissa - Illyfue
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    High level priest usually go glacial (elves) or rebel (humans) tree. Blood vamps are 80-90% of all vamps, but not so many people play them well. The same thing happens with priests, there's a lot of idiots (even high level) who think if they're divine, they don't have to use even auto-attack... I'm divine priest and I can easily pull aggro of the bosses and common mobs, I'm often off-tanky healer. I've also played as blood vamp, it's funny to do a lot of damage and keep everyone alive. Vamps are just kinda harder, but much more durable and dangerous. And about party survivability. Priest have short cast time on Light of Healing, so they can spam it on idiots who take too many mobs. Vamps have long cast times on their skills and have no buffs/emergency skills, so it's harder to be a babysitter
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    Well for one, there are tons of both priests and vamps around at high levels, but I'd say priests are a bit more, at least in my server... and unlike what Orissa said, most are divine - I have met only 4-5 glacials, I don't think I've ever seen a rebel in-game, 95% of all priests I see are divine.
    Blood vampires are probably the majority of vamps in pve servers, with dark being a close second (and inferno quite far behind). In PVP servers darks I guess have a much bigger percentage.

    The thing about Blood vampires is you shouldn't think of them as healers. Sure, they are the 2nd best main healers and probably the best ST healers in game, but thats not what they are: they are fillers. They immediately take whatever role the party lacks. They can tank, they can heal, they can dps, they can CC, they can debuff, they can buff at late levels if you so choose... Just today I was invited in a FP party and was asked to off-tank... I have main-tanked world bosses, I have main-healed instances, and I usually just play the "dps that never dies" role... don't build your blood vamp as a full-blown healer, because you'll never be as good at main-healing as a divine priest, nor will you be as good at off-healing as a Light bard... and considering that at least divine priests are more than overpopulated, speccing into full-heal on a vamp is kinda pointless...

    Also, at higher levels, you'll certainly be less sought for than div. priests/bards/prots, but as long as you are good ppl will certainly want you, because blood vamps are an excellent all around help in an instance.
  • Orissa - Illyfue
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    95% are divine? I didn't even know, the most of them don't want to heal/buff their teammates. So, it's clear how many priests are just noobs...
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    The thing about Blood vampires is you shouldn't think of them as healers. Sure, they are the 2nd best main healers and probably the best ST healers in game, but thats not what they are: they are fillers. They immediately take whatever role the party lacks.

    Wow. Finally a Kindred who understands what it means to be a multifaceted utility class.

    I also play on Illyfue, and I see plenty of vampires who absolutely fail to grasp that they can do more varied things than whatever main spec they chose at level 20.

    Some Divine Priests might be nubcakes who don't know how to buff, but I more often see vampires who ABSOLUTELY refuses to heal, even if they are only healer in party, because they want to be pewpew damage dealers.

    Had a 70 MM die in an Autoapply GT recently, with two vamps who were too busy dealing mediocre damage to bother looking around and realizing there were no healers except for them.

    ON topic: As a vampire you will never be NEEDED, but you will always, always be appreciated if you can see what class the party needs, and play to your many and varied strengths in a particular party.
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    I think Vampire's are just a poster-boy class their is too many of them in Storm. At times my guild is made up of 25% of them and we can have 240 members haha whats that say about the rest of the game. Anyways I like being a Priest I was Rebel/Divine for a lonbg time untill my early level 60's where I was just getting one shoted in instance's so decided to go full Divine until Shield I do plan on dipping back into Rebel and that other 3rd Tree even but I'll wait for a new cap rise. I like to see alot more Bards out there and less Vampires and even priests. Priest's live off others needs lol. Ever seen a Priest go solo no. haha So less priest will leave more teams for us muhahaha anyways if my topic was off topic my bad.
  • Orissa - Illyfue
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    I hate when vamps are crying to heal them when I have to keep everyone else alive... They have their damn healing skills and don't have to spam Dark Ripple. It's really possible to survive without priest's help...
  • Advocate - Eyrda
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    blood vamp heals more than divine priests(higher levels) but the divine shield and aoe heal is very good in pve and pvp
  • Orissa - Illyfue
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    Blood better than divine? That depends. I always use some Azurecloud gems, their bonus also counts to amount of healing. And talents give many multipliers and affect also other healing classes (improved buffs).

    Elven talents:

    Example 1 (Light of Healing):
    Each tick heals for 1000 (basic amount) +150 and 1,5% of max MP (MP is 10000*1,08)
    1000+150+162=1312 (Enhanced Healing lv3)
    1312*1,15=1508,8 (Gift of the Goddess lv3)
    1508,8*1,16=1750,2 per tick (Vigorous Blessing lv5 + Fortune's Wheel lv3)
    Quite nice :P

    Example 2 (Heal):
    Restores 1000 +250 and 10% of max MP (MP is 10000*1,08)
    1000+250+162=1412 (Blessed Recovery lv5)
    1412*1,15=1628,8 (Gift of the Goddess lv3)
    1628,8*1,16=1883,6 (Vigorous Blessing lv5 + Fortune's Wheel lv3)
    Also nice :P
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    In my experience Blood Vamps are the best Single Target healers in the game. Priests single target heal suck when compared to the raw power of a blood vamp single target heal. And I didnt even include Blood Rite in the math.

    Priests are only better than blood vamps for healing after they get Angelic Harmony.

    I'd rather have a blood vamp than a priest without AH on my party, without thinking twice

    Edit: If said blood vamp knows how to play his tree. If he is a noob thats another story.
  • Orissa - Illyfue
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    Priests have very short cast time on LoH and 1 sec cooldown. It's spammable as hell, better to heal the whole party than Dark Contract and Seed of Life. Vamp is nice single target healer, or assist healer. If I play vamp, I always watch HP bars of the whole party and MP bar of priest. And it's important to use Charmed strike to pull the aggro + Dark Ripple to curse the mob, and then heal paper chars like mages. The only disadvantage of this game style is crazy MP usage, I often have to rest and regen MP and use 2-3 pots to kill a small group of mobs and keep everyone safe. Luckily mana pots are cheap and easy to make and there's small reward from daily tutorials. I don't understand people who want to spare their MP even if teammates are going to die...