Problems Running FW

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So a few days ago my anti-virus software (AVG) declaed FW's Game.exe file a virus and quarantined it. I figured something might have slipped through so i uninstalled FW and tried reinstalling it. Then as FW was being reinstalled AVG kicked in again and decided it wanted to quarantine one of the main installation files, cant remember which right now. Getting annoyed, i tried it a third time and FW successfully installed withought AVG or any other interruptions. I started up the launcher and patched the game, but then when i tried to enter the game the launcher said "failed to enter game." I verified all of the patch files and everything turned out fine, but it still wouldnt let the game start up. i tried to restart the launcher but i wasnt able to open up the launcher again. Does anyone have an hints or insites on what i should do? I was unable to find anything in the FAQs that helped. and i had the firewall turned off for the downloads and reinstallations.
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