Botany in Sleeping Forest

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Is the respawn time on plants in this area longer than in SoO and Luna? I used to be able to pick two plants, harvest both, and realm hop to glory.

In Sleepy I'm noticing that the respawn time is much longer. Are there any other unknowns I'm missing? Like if there are two spots near each other I notice it can spawn in either, just one, or none when I'm the only one at that spot.

Any help or tips from expert botanists would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quite awhile I ago I went around putting dots on my map for one of the plants I needed. I'd end up having a cluster of dots and it would spawn at one of the clusters. So I'm guess they sort of shift.

    The ones that were farther apart usually spawned in the same spot. I would circle the entire map and come back to find the plants sometimes respawned... some didn't (but someone could've came by and picked it up for all I know).

    I'd guess at roughly 5 to 10 min

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    eh... do you mean sleeping jungle or gloomy forest? i cant tell :p
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    Gloomy Forest, sorry!