Can I still be good?

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Hey all, after playing the game for a bit and getting my way to about level 11 (huge accomplishment I know) I must say I am quite impressed with the game, considering it is free to play.

What I am wondering though, is if I can still become a good PvE and/or PvP player without purchasing equipment and simply earning it. I have heard from a lot of people that a lot of the best players simply purchased gear with real money, whether or not that is true I don't know, and I'm not making assumptions.

Anyway, I was just wondering if I would still be able to find success, using only gear that I accumulate on my own.
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    As I play on a pve server, my info might be different from pvp.

    You can not directly buy equipment from the cash shop for real money. You can purchase Statues to complete Midas touch (or sell) for tradable gold for equip from other players. You can buy gems to upgrade your equipment from the cash shop but on my server and from what I've seen wings (which indicate a large amount of gems/high level gems) are more earned via a daily instance rather than cash shop. On my pve server a cashshopper only gets better faster than a non cash shopper. This is my opinion though and I'm sure people will start to bicker and accuse me of being wrong, but this is my experience.
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    You can still be a "good" player without having to spend money, real money on the game.

    What the cash shop does is allow you to have things easily and of course instantly.

    You'll need to work extra hard to earn it but once you know what to do then you're good to go. The good thing about PWE games is that you can trade in-game currency for cash shop currency. So while you may not be on par with the top tier players right on the get go you'll eventually get there if you put effort into it.

    Post in the right section and maybe you'll get the help you seek.

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    Axym is right to a degree. I play on the pvp server and its full of people that like to use the cash shop. There are many methods that players get gold by using real money.

    1) Buy pets/gems/refining materials/ etc and then sell them to other players.
    2) Sell leaves directly to other players
    3) Buy merc statues and sell or use them.

    What I've seen is a lot of players use all this gold which in turn is their real money to buy/make high lvl gems as well as high lvl gear from other players. Because it is a pvp server, the faster you become stronger the faster you become better. There are many players with wings and even several with lvl 2 wings which require lvl 4 gems (1 ragefire sells for about 7.5g, 5 = 37g, 1 rage II = 42g, 5 rage II = 2.1D, 1 rage III = 2.15D, 5 rage III = 10.75D, 1 rage IV = 10.8D)

    So the players that have lvl 2 wings must have spent well over 50D to get there and obviously that is not an amount that is easy to get without spending real money in a short time. As for getting there without buying the gems, it is doable but takes a while. Doing the math, you need 5 * 5 * 5 = 125 rage I gems to make just 1 rage IV.

    I kind of went off on a tangent but to answer your original question, yes it is possible to be good without paying real money. Is it possible to be the best? Probably not. I am like you in that I have not spent a single penny on this game or plan to for that matter. However, I have a lvl 55 assassin that is pretty good in my opinion. I can kill players 5 lvls above me.

    There is an instance you can do at lvl 40+ that gives you a gem upon completion. You can do this once a day. What a lot of people do is make several characters to lvl 40 and keep doing this dungeon to make money and get gems. I have two characters and make sure to do it everyday.

    Gear is probably a huge part of being good but the other half of the battle is knowing how to play your character. I said I can take on players 5 lvls above me but I can kill players 10 lvls above me sometimes because I know how to play my character better than they can play theirs.

    PvE is really easy to become good at. There isn't much of a challenge in being good at PvE. The things you mainly need are gear for your lvl and the ability to survive in a dungeon/boss fight. To do this you have to make sure all your gear is fortified to at least rank 5. I say rank 5 because after that its not practical to fortify without using star crystals which you need to pay for unless you buy from other players. Getting dim star shards and recharching star shards is extremely easy. You can trade Nightmare Carnival tokens for them and the Nightmare Carnival tokens are very easy to get. At lvl 55 I get about 7-800 tokens a week and it only costs me 300 tokens for 20 recharging star shards. I will use about 12 star shards to rank one piece of gear up to 4 on average.

    After you have gear to keep you alive, you just need pots and food/drinks which you can make with the alchemy/cooking jobs or buy from npcs for soul coins. Rest of PvE depends on the people you play with.

    To sum it all up, yes you can be good without paying, but it just takes a significantly longer time. By the time you become as good as some of the top players, they will be lightyears ahead of you once more with new items and new powerups that you will once again have to spend time to earn. I hope this answers your question somewhat.
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    $4,000 to max a mastery. Not even gear related.

    Yeah you can still become good, if you farm for a year or so. By that time they'll add new stuff to make your efforts obsolete like they always do, if the game isn't dead by then.
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    if I would still be able to find success, using only gear that I accumulate on my own.
    It comes down to how hard you play and how smart your spending decisions are, the only good thing about PWE games is that no matter how hard a single player CS's they can still die.
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    I do CS for a bit...but never had I realised any of the gold I earned from CSing are used to buy gear

    I just had lots of gear from instances to sell and then I got a good set

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