Guild base can be a serious chore.



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    decivex wrote: »
    Don't take this the wrong way, but it seems obvious that English is not your first language. I think the issue with you misunderstanding has everything to do with that.

    I have two screens open and I'm reading your post and simultaneously comparing it against the ones in which you're making the claims and I'm getting entirely different results than you.

    Maybe you think certain words mean something than what they really mean or something else, but its clear there is a language barrier here as you are constantly misconstruing virtually everything and using your misinterpretation as the basis of your counterargument.

    That's the only explanation I can think of regarding your confusion.

    where? with what word(s)? or what parts are u reading exactly?
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    The main change they have to do to make the bases being really usefully and not killing people, is make the costs Weekly.

    Wow, first intelligent, on topic comment I've seen in this thread, +1.
    My thoughts on this thread...





    made my day
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    Cause I don't care.
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    Yes sorry for misunderstanding when I was saying "crafted gear" before I wasn't referring to purples since those are just too rare :p
    decivex wrote: »
    Who are you even addressing? Posts like the quote above not only make you out to be a snarky brat, but fail to lend you any credibility whatsoever. You don't win arguments by saying you know everything because you were in X stage of CB or because you joined on Y date (and I'm positive I beat you in both categories). To the contrary, it often has the opposite effect.

    As for the "other poster" you mentioned, don't even start with the blame game ****. I just reread this thread and you and the "other poster" were the first ones to jump on the childish "you're inexperienced" and "you're a noob, casual, don't play the game" type of remarks. If Stone is who I think he is, he has been playing this game just as long as you have and his posting history certainly seems to reflect that (pretty sure he was an avid CB poster too). Don't mistake me, though. He clearly got involved in that childish banter but so did almost everyone in this thread.

    An entire thread of people calling each other noobs, casuals, and inexperienced. Clearly the sign of the pro gamer.

    And why even bring up the Twins and act like you and you alone know what they are? I'm almost certain most people know who they are and they all know they haven't been killed and the event is either bugged, not working as intended, or the server populations are so low that they probably wont ever even spawn again to be killed.

    Such statements are beyond ridiculous and hardly deserve a response. No idea why they were even brought up to begin with given their current state.
    I never call anyone noob or make fun of without provocation, see my first post in this thread, I made it as civilized as possible. But the reply to that post was sort of a provocation for me and I agree I got caught in the "noob war" sorry for that :/
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    Is this thread still about guild bases? Doesn't seem like it to me but maybe things have changed with what you do in there.

    Post in the right section and maybe you'll get the help you seek.

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    Wow, first intelligent, on topic comment I've seen in this thread, +1.
    It's not so hard...

    I already suggested thousand times about make the costs a litle lower and put them Weelky so people have not to die behind the game to let a base stay up (And the reasons to make this are MANY and are all legits) but trolls and idiots ever put in writing bulls.hits..