How to pew pew in duels (1vs1)

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Okai just for my last advice i'll probably give as I don't play anymore.. so I'll leave this behind, my experience in duels. I love duels, i always part took in fighting people. I'll say this from what I noticed though. Marksman do fairly well in duels, that is with the right class spec. At 60+ Soul is the only way to go when dueling, that is, dueling other 1vs1 oriented talent trees for other classes.

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General Tips
How to use Extreme Sniping^

hunter's mark: You always OPEN with this curse

fire at will: Don't use it

Soul Snipe: Spam it every 6 seconds, unless you want to time it to interupt. I personally like to use damaging skill then soul snipe.

This is a DPS build, its usable but I believe Burst/Soul is the preferred hybrid for PvP, unfortunately I don't know much about hybrid Burst/Soul so I will just speak of Burst/Precision hybrid and Soul later.
Its a bit harder to fight, however you do have your +60 evasion speed buff, which is amazing especially paired with weakening cloud. Basically 10 seconds of never being hit. However, since i hate waiting 5 minutes for a move, i rarely use my racial or weakening cloud as i hate relying on them. However for the impossible duels, you'll have to use them, though i will use weakening cloud to combat 5 minute cooldown skills from other classes such as rocky protection and light of sanctuary (rebel specifically). Sometimes necessary too since 5 minute cooldown skills are powerful.
Now then, You basic combo is rof > SS > rof > mfb > repeat with some kiting in-between. Basically you spam rof all the time, unfortunately the dot got nerf'd so its not as good as it used to be.

Burst of Rage: great move, its excellent for making 3-4 orbs then quickly speed buffing to gather them. Its sometimes the only way to win.
Your weakening cloud is significantly stronger to make up for not having speed of fire, but it still sucks that now you completely reliant on a 5 minute cooldown instead of a 90 second. BUT, you have cast off, which is even more amazing for getting out of snare and slow. Anyways, you have a stronger evasion debuff most likely if not longer weakening cloud. Which gives you access to the hunter's mark > extreme sniping combo if you have professional hunter.

You have both speed of fire and cast off, which is amazing xD too bad i don't think its good until 70s when you can reach a 6 second cooldown soul discharge. But you still have rof to spam so its no biggie.

Now here is a list of who i general had trouble with at 60s: (Big thing to note is gear does make a difference..)

No Exp:
Venom Sin
Inferno Vamps
Diamond Protector (lol PvE server :|)
Granite Protector

(Lost 90% of battles and most of them i never did half damage)
Edge Sin
Dark Vamp

Hard (Lose more than win):
Dark Sin
All Warriors

Relatively Even: (Win/lose goes back and forth)
Other Marksmans
Ice and Fire Mages (Thunder mage if not using pots)
Marble Protector
Water Bard
Glacial and Rebel Priests

Easy: (Win more than lose)
Blood Vamps
Precision Marksman

Lol: (:\ not really possible to lose when you know what you're doing)
Divine Priest
Wind and Light Bards
Thunder Mage (when using MP pots)

Now a bit more detailed what happens in each fight:

Edge Sin
stealth > 5k Crit > 5k Crit > 5k Crit > You lost pops up. Oh stuns too.

Dark Vamp
Do hunter's mark > get Stunned > debuffed for the next 6 seconds > get hit > stunned > get hit some more > dead

THERE ARE rare cases i've actually won... that is when I either racial'd out of the first stun then DD'd the vamp to death with a lucky SS stun after 2 hits once they realized i wasn't stunned anymore.

The other case is when I actually after getting out of the 2nd stun, i out right killed her in 3 hits. Rof > SS > MFB

Diamond Protector
theorycrafting here: They have 2 stuns (not counting racial).. 1 stun was bad enough ;_;... I'm gonna say its hard-impossible cause protectors are ridiculous.

Dark Sin
All assassins are hard for marksman, they are our natural counter. Dark sins though lack crit damage, they are all about being sneaky sneaky. Sneaky sneaky doesn't mean much in 1vs1 however their evasion STILL is a threat.. You just have to be able to tank their hits while kiting however they do have a speed buff, an assault (that stuns are high range), and a silence. Now this is a bit hard for burst/precision, but doable, Soul handles it better with cast off to remove the slow debuff from deadly chaser (their assault). If they activate swift evasion you gotta just keep running away. Its a bit hard to get away which is what makes this a hard match up.

The easiest warrior to kill and kite. However you don't get as much leeway for kiting and killing especially if they get their critical stun off. Their crit stun move is a double strike and can be used every 6 seconds. If you get stun locked from assault to crit stun, you're gonna be close to death if not. And even if you get away at that point, they can use blade of reflection to stall until their charge is out of cooldown. You don't want to kill yourself so that's why you might not choose to attack. One thing is NEVER use burst of rage on blade of reflection.

At the start you'll want to stay within 8 meters so they can't assault at you, or at least they waste their speed buff running away from you. You want to get hunter's mark in or make them waste their speed buff before you get stunned. Weakening cloud and your racial are not needed to win but do help greatly. However waiting for the cooldown is dumb for rematches so i always just didn't rely on it. However if I notice a human break out of my stun then i will break out of theirs... Just a tip, don't break out of the assault stun right away as some go straight for thunderstrike(?) their crit stun move.

Anyways, once you get out of stun, I usually will use fast action at this point to get away. As burst/precision I'd enjoy the misses that occured xD, anyways you start to DD pretty hard, you can use pulse shot to snare him for 8 seconds, but then they will definably use blade of reflection at that point. Those with high HP can continue DDing but some might have to wait till its over, and which you'll have to have to use your racial to break out of the next stun. Unless of course they are like 1 hit away from dying.

The defensive warrior, these guy take hits the best. But as a marksman we still hit like a bus full of fat people, so they still can't take hits completely conveniently BUT they have divine grace(?) which grants them like 3000 defense so they start taking very little damage for 12 seconds or so. Watch for the blue aura animation. The biggest thing that sucks about fighting these guys is they can assault you are any range. So unlike Elemental and Phantom, you can't just stay in the minimal range of their assault range of 8 meters and be safe from being stunned. Because of that, they can save their speed buff for chasing after you instead of getting away from you. Because of that, its a bit harder to get away from Aegis Warriors and they can survive much longer.

There warriors have the most HP, have a lower cooldown on assault, has a disarm (that happens quite a bit), assault min range is 6 meters now.. Yea these warriors are anti-kiting... Pretty much why they are hard xD

Anyways, its harder to force them to speed buff away like an elemental.. but you can try since the min range still exists. After you get assaulted, just run away and hunter's mark > soul snipe then kite away some more. After running use MFB, if they get stunned, attack more otherwise just run away more till you can soul snipe again. You use your speed buff after the 2nd time you get assaulted so when you start to set up, they have less HP probably in finishing off range.. One thing to note is you will get disarmed frequently so if your skills aren't working just run away, JUST REMEMBER you can use your fast action while disarmed.

Other Marksman
Besides Precision, other marksman usually are quite fun but luck filled duels. First stun wins when equal gear'd.

Soul > burst/precision > burst/soul i would say cause the way soul wins is because of how well Soul can make orbs to quickly get wrath. Burst/precision has the best DPS which is what in the perfect luck world will win (as in double stuns everytime)

Anyways, all marksman duel start with hunter's mark > soul snipe, if you didn't get stunned BUT got hit, use burst of rage and then fast action to gather all the orbs and GG. In fact, as long as their soul snipe is in cooldown use burst of rage. You just don't want your orb maker to get interrupted -_-;; Without orbs you won't beat a burst/precision who has the best DPS out of all marksman.

As burst/precision if you are fighting a soul, once you see the burst of rage animation, use fast action and run towards him then run to where the orbs went. You'll be able to pick them up before the soul does because he's in his casting animation. Granted you won't get them all since they all went in different directions, but at least you are getting some wrath to DPS harder. Just be warned, the next stun wins with a burst combo with all this wrath.

Marksman dittos are so fun but so luck based xD

Fire mages are scary because they have the highest DPS out of mages. You don't get TIME to pick up orbs ._.;; Burst/Precision does the best vs Fire Mages simple because they have the best DPS, MP drain doesn't do much to mages with their vast 20k MP the MP drain just makes up for the lack of DPS... Soul still can get lucky with burst of rage > stun > fast action to pick up orbs, but its luck based. Burst/Precision can hit harder, faster, thus draining their MP much faster with damage.

VERY intense duels here, you got the 1vs1 talent trees against each other here are the only way to go. Burst/Precision has no chance ._. Also, Ice Mages have an 15% to auto win with pokemon freeze hax status. YOU CAN RACIAL OUT OF IT THOUGH The only way you can win when you get frozen is to vastly outgear the mage with more HP (i did that once xD)

Anyways, stun > burst of rage > run to get orbs is pretty much a done deal for a win if you don't get frozen. But if you don't get your stun, its gonna be hard to get the orbs without getting frozen, that's why you have to save cast off to break out of the bind. Just gets intense when Mages also use their fury of ice to make orbs and then wind drive to gather those.

Pretty much depends on your gear then, you have to have 10k MP so you don't get drained too fast. Very easy to kill though :| You can usually auto attack to finish them off after 3-4 skills off, just sucks you have to use your racial to win because you have to break out of transform if they do a transform > giant dragon MP drain skill. Hell use weakening cloud on their **** since MP drain is OP =_= If you use MP pots, its pretty hard to not lose.

Will finish this later since forum fail + life interrupting me

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    Dark Sin
    All assassins are hard for marksman, they are our natural counter. Dark sins though lack crit power, they are all about being sneaky sneaky. Sneaky sneaky doesn't mean much in 1vs1 however their evasion STILL is a threat.. You just have to be able to tank their hits while kiting however they do have a speed buff, an assault (that stuns are high range), and a silence. Now this is a bit hard for burst/precision, but doable, Soul handles it better with cast off to remove the slow debuff from deadly chaser (their assault).

    Actually, the dark sin talent tree is the one enchanting crit% the most outa the 3.

    Venom is the DoT tree/pure dmg tree.
    Edge is the tree which improves crit dmg and gives silences+stuns.
    Dark is the tree which gives most crit% in skills, they are more defencive and get the most spammable skills thru talent.
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    I really meant crit damage. Dark sins don't hit as hard as edge sins so at least i have HP to spare when they come out of stealth.